The Normal School changes its name -- twice. It becomes San Jose State Teachers College in 1921 and San Jose State College in 1934. Women get the right to vote and airmail delivery is expanded to include routes between New York and San Francisco. The nation struggles during the Great Depression, Adolf Hitler comes to power and World War II begins.

SJSU Facts: 1920 to 1939

Archery class

1925 - In addition to women's athletic teams in basketball, volleyball, baseball, track, tennis and swimming, students are instructed in general physical education and may participate in intramural sports. Archery and fencing are among the activities taught in gym classes. A high fence surrounds the women's gym to protect the modesty of female athletes.

Henry Meade Bland teaches on campus

1929 - California Poet Laureate Henry Meade Bland teaches outside San Jose State Teachers College. Best known as an authority on English, Bland frequents California's literary circles and is a close friend of Jack London.

Spartan stadium

1933 - In addition to expanding the curricula beyond teacher preparation, President MacQuarrie decides to encourage intercollegiate athletic competition. After hiring Dudley De Groot as football coach, San Jose State Teachers College soon earns a national reputation in football. Ground is broken for Spartan Stadium on S. Seventh Street, one mile from campus.