Enrollment Status Summary Report

Data on this site is unofficial and for general informational purposes only. Official census data as reported to the Chancellor's Office is provided by the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics, at http://iea.sjsu.edu/external link. Due to occasional technical differences in data and computations, minor discrepancies may exist between this site and the official census report.

Spring 2014 Redistributed Preliminary Census Enrollment Status Summary report broken down by college dated February 20, 2014 is now available.

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Please contact Sheri Tomisaka-Wong at 408/924-2473 if you have any questions or need further assistance regarding the reports.


Enrollment information is available on the Office of Institutional Effectiveness & Analytics page at 
http://www.iea.sjsu.edu/Reports/EP/default.cfmExternal Link indicator, under the title Course Summary.