How to Enroll in BUS1 121A in Spring 2016 (pdf)

Accounting Information Systems (AIS)
AIS bridges the gap between two disciplines critical to business operations. This course of study teaches students to design and deploy information technology to improve the accounting systems of an organization. Graduates could serve as a liaison between accounting and financial system users and information systems technical staff in the corporate or accounting consulting firm arenas.

Finance is an important and dynamic field of study that is concerned with the management of money and capital - how to get it and how to invest it effectively! Courses in corporate finance, investments, and financial institutions are designed to prepare students for financial analysis and planning as essential functions of a business enterprise. Potential careers could include positions as financial officers responsible for investment and financing decisions to corporations, banks, and not-for-profits.

Corporate Accounting & Finance
CFM is an innovative concentration designed for students who are attracted to career opportunities in corporate financial management. Two highly valued disciplines are integrated into this degree - Accounting and Finance. This dual degree significantly enhances its graduates for positions in corporate finance groups and management teams.