EOQA Grant Awardees




Jennifer Redd Project Facilitator
Jennifer Madigan Faculty Quality Assurance Campus Team Leader
Debbie Weissman Faculty Quality Assurance Campus Team Leader





Course Number

Course Names 

Fall 2015 Megan Chang OCTH 295B  Advances Research Methodology in Occupational Therapy
Fall 2015 Effie Chiu LLD 100WB Writing Workshop for Business Students
Fall 2015 Monica Harris LIBR 287 Seminar in Information Science
Fall 2015 Henriette Langdon EDSP 222 Navigating Oral and Written Connections: Theory and Applications
Fall 2015 Lili Luo LIBR 285 Research Methods in Library and Information Science
Fall 2015 Julianne Murphy SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology
Fall 2015 Jacqueline Norgord LLD 100WB Writing Workshop for Business Students
Fall 2015 Alaka Rao BUS3 160 Fundamentals of Management and Organizational Behavior
Spring 2015 Arvinder Loomba BUS3 140 Fundamentals of Operations Management
Spring 2015 Catherine Lycurgus BUS1 125A Special Financial Reporting Topics
Spring 2015 Amy Leisenring SOCI 1 Introduction to Sociology
Spring 2015 Maureen Lowell JS 137 Collaborative Response To Family Violence
Sum/Fall 2014 Ge Gao COMM 175F Nonverbal Communication
Sum/Fall 2014 Veronica Herrera JS 132 Race, Gender, Inequality And The Law
Sum/Fall 2014 Laura Guardino HIST 99 History Fundamentals
Sum/Fall 2014 Erin Woodhead PSYC 114 Psychology of Aging
Sum/Fall 2014 Debbie Weissman LIBR 267 Seminar in Services to Children and Young Adults
Sum/Fall 2014 Susan Gordon POLS 20 Controversial Legal Issues
Sum/Fall 2014 Jason Kaltenbacher MARA 284 Seminar in Archives and Records Management
Sum/Fall 2014 Ravisha Mathur CHAD 195 Senior Seminar in Child Development
Sum/Fall 2014 Jennifer Madigan EDSE 228A Topics in Collaboration and Transition
Sum/Fall 2014 Patricia Backer TECH 198 Technology and Civilization
Sum/Fall 2014 Mary Poffenroth BIO 10 The Living World