EOQA Grant Awardees


Awardees - Summer/Fall 2014  


Courses for Grant

Ge Gao COMM 175F  Nonverbal Comm
Veronica Herrera JS 132  Race Gender Inequality and Law
Laura Guardino HIST 99  History Fundamentals
Erin Woodhead PSYC 114  Psych of Aging
Debbie Weissmann  LIBR 267 Children and Information Technology
Susan Gordon POLS 20 Controv Legal Iss
Jason Kaltenbacher MARA 284  Sem Arch Rec Mgt
Ravisha Mathur  CHAD 195  Sr Sem Child Dev
Jennifer Madigan EDSE 228A  Collab and Transit
Patricia Backer TECH 198 Technology and Civilization
Mary Poffenroth BIOL 10  The Living World