Canvas New User Interface

The SJSU New Canvas User Interface Transition Project will introduce a plan to transition San José State University (SJSU) from the current Canvas User Interface to the New User Interface. The period of transition will begin in April 2016 and continue until June 2016. During this time period, administrative processes and strategies will be developed to provide support and guidance for faculty, staff, and students. This will also include the development and implementation of the technical aspects necessary for a smooth transition that includes all the correct integrations and links to university data. There is no downtime for this update.

Goals: Transition to a new Canvas User Interface and provide information, support, and guidance on the use of the new interface.

The transitional process will occur over the course of approximately three months beginning in early April. It will begin with a preparation and planning phase. Then, there will be a Pilot Group Review in the test environment (a small cohort of approximately 50 users). Finally, the new user interface will get implemented in the production environment on May 30. Feedback about the new UI will get collected during the 30 days after implementation – until June 30.

  • Old Canvas UI
  • New Canvas UI
Old Canvas User Interface       New Canvas User Interface



Canvas Old and New User Interface Comparison Document

Canvas Old and New User Interface Comparison Video

Pilot Group Review

Attend an informational workshop