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Instructional Designers

Contact one of our instructional designers for your College listed below to get assistance with D2L. Click here to get additional contact details for our Instructional Designers.

All SJSU Colleges
(excluding COB and SLIS)

Mark Adams
Phone: 408.924.2618
Email: mark.adams@sjsu.edu

Jennifer Redd

Phone: 408.924.2734
Email: jennifer.redd@sjsu.edu

College of Business
Prabha Chandrasekar

Phone: 408.924.3610
Email: prabha.chandrasekar@sjsu.edu

School of Library and Information Science
Dale David

Phone: 408.924.2490
Email: dale.david@sjsu.edu

Instructor Videos

Check out some great videos on tips for using D2L and more on our Vimeo page.



Making your course "active" in D2L

Starting with the Winter 2012 term there are some important changes to how you obtain a course shell in Desire2Learn (D2L). ALL courses for a given term now have fully enrolled D2L shells regardless of mode of instruction. The links to them, however, are "inactive" by default ("inactive" means the link doesn't show up to students).
This means you need to make your course(s) "active," which you can do immediately after a course appears in D2L, or anytime during a term.
To make your course active, look to the right of the link to the course and click on the pencil icon.

When the Course Offering Information screen opens, place a check in the box "Active: Course is active," then click " Save.”

You will need to do this for each of the courses you would like to be “active” in D2L.

We will continue to automatically enroll your students into D2L about 10 days prior to the start of the term. If you made your course “active,” enrolled students will see the name of your course in their D2L "My Courses" widget, but they will not be granted access until midnight of the scheduled start date.
Why the change? First, this gives you the ability to easily utilize a D2L course shell at any time during a semester with a simple “check.” Second, this takes the first steps in providing a SJSU disaster recovery/business continuation option in case of an emergency.
If you have any questions, please call Mark Adams or Jennifer Redd.

D2L Quick Guide for Instructors

This one page guide contains a concise summary of the most common tools and processes you'll need to set up your courses. Click here for the pdf.

eCampus Desire2Learn Help Site Discussion Board

Help us build a community for faculty to help each other with D2L by using the eCampus Desire2Learn Help Site Discussion Board:

1. Go to your D2L homepage > My Courses widget > Student tab > eCampus - Desire2Learn Help.
2. Post your D2L question(s) in the Discussion Board.
3. Get a response from a FIR (or a fellow faculty member) within 24 hours.

Fall '11 eCampus Showcase Video: All Four Videos Now Available

All four videos of the Fall '11 eCampus Showcase are now available. Please click here to view these and past eCampus faculty showcase videos. 

Video: Getting Started with D2L

The new Getting Started with D2L video is now available at the eCampus Vimeo site.

D2L Monthly Maintenance Schedule

D2L has established a monthly maintenance schedule: Every 4th Saturday/early morning Sunday of the month. The time period will be 10pm Saturday thru 3am Sunday (PST). That means D2L will NOT be accessible during that time period each month. Please plan accordingly so that critical course activities, due dates, etc., are not scheduled.

Logging into D2L

Login URL:http://sjsu.desire2learn.com
Username: Your D2L username can be found by logging into your mySJSU account, clicking on Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Names, and locating your D2L name from the list.  Usernames will generally be in the form of firstname.lastname, but may have an appended number if there is more than one person with that name at SJSU. The mySJSU look-up will also be helpful for persons using middle names, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.
Password: Your initial D2L password is your 9 digit SJSU ID number.

It is STRONGLY recommended that you change your password the first time that you log in to D2L.  To do so:

1.  On My Home, click the Change Password link in the My Settings widget.
2.  Type your current password in the Old Password field.
3.  Type your new password in the New Password field.

Note that the password:
· is case sensitive
· must have at least 5 characters and no more than 50
· can use alpha-numeric and special characters (symbols, punctuation)

We recommend that the password you choose is not a simple word or phrase, and does not use parts of your name.

4.  Confirm your new password in the Confirm New Password field.
5.  Click the Save button.

D2L Assistance

Need a quick D2L question answered? Want to try something new? Gradebook need some attention? eCampus is standing by to help you with your D2L needs and questions. To receive assistance, please contact our Instructional Designers Mark Adams or Jennifer Redd.

Desire2Learn Resource Sites - D2L Help and D2L Short Courses

All instructors are enrolled in:
· eCampus - Desire2Learn Help
· eCampus - Desire2Learn Short Courses

These resource sites contain a wealth of self-help material, tutorials, and demos to help you get started and provide assistance in using the tools in D2L.

To access these resource sites:
1. Log into D2L.
2. Click on Student tab from the My Courses widget.
3. Click on eCampus - Desire2Learn Help or eCampus - Desire2Learn Short Courses.
4. Once in the course, click on Content to see an abundance of the materials (documentation, written and video tutorials, guides, etc.).

Practice Courses and Demo Students

After logging into D2L, instructors will see 2 practice courses listed in their My Courses widget under the Instructor tab (PracticeCourse_InstructorLastName_1 and _2).

Instructors are encouraged to use these courses to explore D2L and begin building the content of your real course offering. Once the shell for your real course offering has been created in D2L, any content you have created in the practice courses can then be uploaded to the real course shell.

You should see 3 demo students enrolled in the new practice courses by clicking Classlist on the course navigation bar. You can log in as these demo students to test submissions, see what grades look like, etc.

Demo Students Login Information:

Username: demo1_Instructor9digitID  – i.e., if your SJSU ID number is 123456789, your demo student Username would be: demo1_123456789
Password: Instructor9digitID  – i.e., if your SJSU ID number is 123456789, your demo student password would be 123456789.

How to Copy Course-to-Course within Desire2Learn

Download "Copy Course to Course" tutorial for step by step directions explaining how to copy your D2L practice course, or a D2L course from a previous term into your current D2L course shell.