Faculty Resources

Logging into D2L

Login URL:http://sjsu.desire2learn.com

Username:Your D2L username can be found by logging into your mySJSU account, clicking on Self Service > Campus Personal Information > Names, and locating your D2L name from the list. Usernames will generally be in the form of firstname.lastname, but may have an appended number if there is more than one person with that name at SJSU. The mySJSU look-up will also be helpful for persons using middle names, hyphens, apostrophes, etc.

Password: Your initial D2L password is your 9 digit SJSU ID number.

D2L Training Workshops

"Getting Started with D2L" and "D2L Open Labs/Instructional Design" workshops are now available. Click here for dates and registration information.

Desire2Learn Library Resource Site

Instructors will also find themselves enrolled in the “Desire2Learn Library Resource Site" in the My Courses widget under the Student tab within D2L. All SJSU faculty are enrolled as students in this site, which contains a wealth of self-help material, tutorials, and demos to help you get started and provide assistance in using the tools.

Practice Courses and Demo Students

After logging into D2L, instructors will see 2 practice courses listed in their My Courses widget under the Instructor tab (PracticeCourse_InstructorLastName_1 and _2). Instructors are encouraged to use these courses to explore D2L and begin building the content of your real course offering. Once the shell for your real course offering has been created in D2L, any content you have created in the practice courses can then be uploaded to the real course shell.

Instructors should see 3 demo students enrolled in the new practice courses by clicking “Classlist” on the course navigation bar. You can log in as these demo students to test submissions, see what grades look like, etc.

Demo Student Login Information:

Username: demo1_Instructor9digitID Ð i.e., if your SJSU ID number is 123456789, your demo student Username would be: demo1_123456789

Password: Instructor9digitID Ð i.e., if your SJSU ID number is 123456789, your demo student password would be 123456789.

Copying D2L Practice Course to Real Course Shell

This PDF tutorial shows how to copy your D2L Practice Course into your real D2L course shell. Using these instructions you can copy your Practice Course, or a previous D2L course, into your current course shell.

Why D2L?

The switch to D2L was based on the recommendation of a Faculty Task Force that reviewed various LMS platforms and chose D2L for its accessiblity and integration of Web 2.0 applications. Click here to see the announcement from Provost Sigler regarding the switch to D2L.