eCampus Faculty Showcase 09

Thanks to everyone for making our eCampus Spring 09 Faculty Showcase a spectacular success!

IMG_1671_500 What a great turnout - over 100 instructors attended the Showcase!


eCampus would like to give special thanks for the presenters at this years showcase, Peter Hadreus, Dianne Hall, and MarkMcKenna!



We received some great tips from instructors attending the event, here are just a few ...


"I put the class syllabus and all the handouts on blackboard. It saves photocopies and they are available to students at all times." - Romeny Sabalius, Foreign Languages

"I am having students make 5 minute videos explaining/acting out concepts from class. Next semester I'll use these videos during class to reinforce the concepts and help break up the 1:15 long lecture." - David Czerwinski, Marketing

"In class Quizes: To make sure that only students attending class can take the quiz instructors can 1) set-up a password to the quiz that they give to students in class before the quiz 2) set a time limit for starting the quiz. These can be done easily through Assessment features in Blackboard." - Shireen Azzawi, Economics

For more tips and detailed instructor demonstrations check out Mark Adams' Blackboard Course "CE 8 Design Issues, Teaching Practices, and Tutorials." Instructors without a login can contact Mark Adams at