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Question 1:
Amount of time I can devote per week for an online course ?
  •   a. 15 hours
  •   b. 10 hours
  •   c. 5 hours

Question 2:
I would rate my reading and writing skills as,
  •   a. Expert in understanding and expressing my thoughts
  •   b. Average who may need help in understand some transcript
  •   c. Below Average and cannot conclude with help

Question 3:
How comfortable are you with computers and working on tools like Word, Excel, and Media Players etc.?
  •   a. Frequently use it for my work and research purpose
  •   b. Occasionally use it to check emails and at work
  •   c. Rarely use it

Question 4:
How would you classify your analytical and reasoning skills to infer what could be correct from given facts?
  •   a. I am good in analyzing the problems and can resolving them on my own.
  •   b. I need some guidance in understanding the issues.
  •   c. I am not very quick in resolving the problems.

Question 5:
How would you rate yourself as a self-disciplined person?
  •   a. I am very punctual in my work and like to finish things before time.
  •   b. I usually finish things on time, if not before time.
  •   c. Sometimes I get delayed due to workload.

Question 6:
How good are you at communicating with other people?
  •   a. I am very social and friendly and like to discuss with others if I have any questions.
  •   b. I am average when interacting with other people.
  •   c. I am usually to myself and tend to avoid being around people.

Question 7:
How well can you communicate via email or discussion forums?
  •   a. I am precise and always to the point in explaining my problems.
  •   b. I am comfortable with communicating via emails and discussions forums.
  •   c. I have never done this before.

Question 8:
How good are you as a self-learner?
  •   a. I can resolve any issues quickly with some self-study.
  •   b. I don’t mind approaching an instructor if in doubt.
  •   c. I don’t like to discuss with the instructor if in doubt.

Question 9:
How do you handle problems related to technology and Internet?
  •   a. I am proficient in resolving such problems and have experience in downloading files from Internet.
  •   b. I don’t have experience in solving technology related issues and usually ask for help.
  •   c. I get frustrated and avoid getting into such problems.

Question 10:
I want to take an online class because,
  •   a. It’s very important for my future goals.
  •   b. I am unable to attend classes on campus.
  •   c. It’s easier to get an A in these classes.

Last Modified: Jul 15, 2014