Update Regarding SJSU Plus Courses: Now Part of CSU CourseMatch/OCE Courses. (January 6, 2014)


For Students:
The five former SJSU Plus courses that cost $150.00 through the College of International and Extended Studies have been redesigned and are currently being offered for the Spring 2014 semester through the Schedule of Classes as either online courses or blended courses and are part of a student’s general tuition package.


For Faculty:
SJSU Plus courses (jointly created courses by Udacity and SJSU) were offered through the College of International and Extended Studies last Spring 2013:

  • Elementary Statistics (STAT 95)
  • Entry Level Mathematics (MATH 6L)
  • College Algebra (MATH 8)

In Summer 2013, two new courses were added:

  • General Psychology (PSYC 1)
  • Introduction to Programming (CS 46A)

Last summer, SJSU applied for the Chancellor’s Bottleneck Course Grants that morphed into 3 funding streams: (1) Proven Courses; (2) Promising Courses; and (3) CourseMatch (formerly known as OCE--Online Concurrent Enrollment) courses. All of these courses are for CSU students as stateside offerings to address excess student demand due to bottleneck course offerings.  

(1) Proven Courses:  Funds are only allocated to participating campuses for courses that have a proven record of student performance that is equal to or better than student performance in traditional face-to-face classrooms. One of our courses that used edX materials in a flipped mode, Introduction to Circuit Analysis (EE 98), was approved for a grant to hold an eAcademy for other CSU faculty to learn how to teach flipped courses using those materials. This training was successfully accomplished last summer.

(2) Promising Courses:  SJSU was also given funding for three Promising Courses, Elementary Statistics (STAT 95), Introduction to Programming (CS 46A), and General Psychology (PSYC 1) to be redesigned for Spring 2014. Funds were available for faculty to receive reassigned time, Instructional Student Assistant (ISA) support, and web-conferencing proctor support. The courses will be converted by our faculty from the Udacity platform to run on stateside in Canvas. Udacity has made all content open and free to faculty for their own use and Udacity will receive no payments or revenue. Elementary Statistics (STAT 95) will have an enrollment cap of 70, Introduction to Programming (CS 46A) will have 150, and General Psychology (PSYC 1) will have 35 students. These courses are all in conformity with SJSU’s Senate Distance Education policy S01-10. In addition, these redesigned online courses are similar to other stateside online courses in their pedagogy (with additional SJSU Plus self-paced modules added), enrollments, administration, and tuition.

(3) CourseMatch/OCE Courses: Only those SJSU Plus courses that had retention and grades equivalent to or better than traditional sections could qualify for the third program, the online concurrent enrollment program. These CSU online courses are listed by the Chancellor’s Office.  Half of the enrollment in these courses will be SJSU students and half CSU (with no penalty for the CSU enrollment and a reimbursement of $3,400 for each annualized FTES).

Elementary Statistics (STAT 95) and Introduction to Programming (CS 46A) will be listed on the CourseMatch/OCE list. Local students enroll up until 2 weeks before classes start. Then other CSU concurrent students are added until the first day of class. At that time, local students are again allowed to register in any remaining spaces until the Add period is over.


SJSU and Udacity in the Media


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