Approved Technical Electives for Materials Engineering (MatE) Graduate Students

General Policy

  • At least one elective must be a 200 level course.
  • At least 2 electives must be 100 or 200 level CME courses.
  • Per university policy, required transition courses and program of study courses can not be used as electives.
  • Per university policy, you may not have more than 9 units of 100 level courses that count towards your M.S. degree.
  • 100W and 200W can not be used as technical electives.

If you have questions, contact your advisor.

Approved Technical Electives

Students should be aware that some of the listed courses require prerequisites which would not normally be taken by MatE students. Students must talk to the instructor of courses for which they do not have the prerequisite in order to determine if the course would be appropriate for that particular student to take. Please be aware of the work load of each particular course before enrolling in it.

You can not take an undergraduate course as an elective if you have already had a similar course as part of your undergraduate degree.


  • MatE 175 Biomaterials and Biomedical Devices
  • MatE 220 Applications in Electrochemistry
  • ME 267 Engineering Biomechanics
  • Engr 272 Biomedical Devices Design and Principle
  • Engr 274 Regulatory Aspects of Biotechnology
  • Engr 177 Physiology for Engineers
  • ChE 192 Introduction to Biochemical Engineering
  • ChE 194 Biochemical Engineering Lab

Microelectronics Processing

Green Engineering

  • ChE 199: Biofuels
  • ME 170: Solar Energy
  • ME 172 OR Eng 102: Alternative and Renewable Energy Engineering
  • Envs 170 Intro to EH&S
  • Envs 124 OR Envs 125
  • Geol 138 4 Hydrogeology
  • MatE 165 Photovoltaic Fabrication/Testing Lab - 1 unit

General Materials Science

  • MatE 265 Principles of Nanomaterials
  • MatE 154 Metals and Alloys
  • MatE 155 Materials Process Engineering
  • MatE 185 Ceramics
  • MatE 186 Polymers
  • MatE 135 Composites
  • MatE 141 Structure and Analysis of Materials
  • MatE 143 Principles of Scanning Electron Microscopy
  • MatE 144 X-ray Diffraction
  • MatE 145 Principles of Surface Probe Microscopy
  • Chem 270 Polymer Chemistry OR Chem 173 - Polymer Chemistry
  • Chem 272 Addition Polymerization
  • Chem 273 Condensation Polymerization - 2 unit course
  • Chem 277 Analytical Polymer Chemistry

Miscellaneous Choices

  • MatE 297, ChE 297 Special Topics: You can take these as an elective more than once, as long as the topic is different.
  • Engr 203 Engineering Management OR BUS 160 Fund of Management Behavior
  • ISE 135 Design of Experiment OR ISE 202 Design and Analysis of Eng Experiments
  • ISE 235 Quality Assurance and Reliability
  • ME 296M Principles of Nanoengineering