Dean's International Scholarship


We are pleased to announce the 2017 Dean's International Scholarship recipients. CONGRATULATIONS!!

1. Anicha Malloy: Vietnam FLP 15. Khushdeep Grewal: Finland FLP
2. Arooba Kazmi: Greece and Italy FLP 16. Madelne Bauer: Vietnam FLP
3. Natalie Stickles: Finland FLP 17. Megan Karpf: Taiwan FLP
4. Qiwen Lei: Hong Kong FLP 18. Morgan Jardon:Taiwan FLP
5. Rachel Christensen: Puerto Rico FLP 19. Polly Werner: Vietnam FLP
6. Sarah Alexander: Malta FLP 20. Quyen Ly: Finland FLP
7. Stephanie Dizon: Grenada FLP 21. Rebeca Poore: Vietnam FLP
8. Timothy Stanbach: Vietnam FLP 22. Shayna Sneiderman: Taiwan FLP
9. Colleen Bush: Ireland FLP  23. Shikira Stiles: Taiwan FLP
10. Damien Lee: Puerto Rico FLP  24. Tamara Turner: Vietnam FLP
11. Darla Gary: Malta FLP                   25. Thanh-Diep Vu: Grenada FLP
12. Erin Lubniewski: Vietnam FLP  26. Tiffany Yu: Taiwan FLP
13. Jamilah Hosan: Ireland FLP  27. Valeria Velazquez: Taiwan FLP
14. Kaylene de Bord: Malta FLP  28. Jonathan Moore: Finland FLP




About the Dean's International Scholarship for the College of Applied Sciences and Arts Faculty-Led Programs

The Faculty-Led Program is a unique way to introduce students to the idea of the world as an educational resource while giving students who may have never considered it a possibility, the opportunity to study abroad. The College of Applied Sciences and Arts is committed to helping a broad range of SJSU students overcome the financial barriers to study abroad by offering the Dean’s International Scholarship to qualified students in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. Applications for 2017 have now closed.


Applications must be submitted through the Spartan Scholarship website on Wednesday, March 1, 2017.

Scholarship Amount

Summer 2017: 28 awards - $500 each

Summer 2016: 5 awards- $800 each AND 25 awards- $500 each.

Summer 2015: 24 awards- $500 each


1. Applicants must be SJSU students in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts at the time of application 

2. Applicants must have at least a cumulative GPA of 2.5 at the time of application to be eligible for this award.

3.  Applicants must have been accepted to an official SUMMER 2017 SJSU CASA Faculty-Led Program administered by International Programs and Services.

4. Applicants must complete the application electronically on the Spartan Scholarship website by the deadline listed above to be considered for the scholarship. 

5. Students already receiving a scholarship specifically to attend a Faculty-Led
Program are NOT eligible to apply for this scholarship.


Please visit the Spartan Scholarship website to fill out and submit the Dean's Scholarship application. The website will be available on Wednesday, January 4, 2017.

Questions/Concerns? Contact Erika Vazques at