Complementary and Alternative Health Practices Minor/Certificate

Complementary and Alternative Health Practices Minor/Certificate (15 units)

Minor/Certificate Form (pdf)

The Complementary and Alternative Health Practices Minor program is designed to provide a strong academic understanding of the theory, practice, and effectiveness of complementary and alternative medical (CAM) therapies. Emphasis is on critical thinking skills and using a scientific evidence-based eye while keeping an open mind. Classes will form the basis for evaluating CAM therapies commonly practiced by U.S. residents.

Professional reasons (for health related careers):

  • Prepares you to answer patient/client questions of efficacy and safety of CAM therapies.
  • Heightens awareness of dangerous interactions and contraindications when mixing CAM and conventional treatment.
  • Advances ability to judge CAM efficacy and safety based on scientific evidence and critical thinking.
  • Adds value to your health related degree.
  • Enhances your resume.
  • Provides basic knowledge of CAM therapies.
  • Expands knowledge of CAM usefulness as an effective adjunct to conventional medicine.

Personal Reasons:

  • Learn about CAM therapies that you might consider using.
  • Critically evaluate CAM therapies that are available to you and your friends and family.
  • Critically evaluate ads for CAM therapies.
  • Facilitate decisions about using CAM therapies when conventional medicine has failed.

Consult a Health Professions advisor for course selections and sequence. Certificates are issued to all who complete the sequence of courses, whether matriculated with the University or not.

Required Courses (9 units)

HPRF 134: Complementary & Alternative Health Practices HPRF 135: Health Issues in a Multicultural Society [Area S]

Select one of the following:

  • BIOL 54: Human Understanding [Area E], or
  • PHIL 111: Medical Ethics, or
  • ANTH 108: Medical Anthropology

Elective Courses

(6 units must be selected from 2 different areas)

Alternative Medical Systems

  • PHIL 111: Medical Ethics*
  • ANTH 108: Medical Anthropology*

Mind-body Interventions

  • RELS 122: Magic, Science, and Religion [Area V]
  • RELS 123: Body, Mind & Spirit
  • KIN 69: Stress Management [Area E]
  • RECL 197: Facilitation Processes in Therapeutic Rec.

Biological-based Therapies

  • BIOL 54: Human Understanding [Area E]
  • NUFS 104A: Cultural Aspects of Food
  • NUFS 105: Current Issues in Nutrition

Manipulative and Body-based Methods

  • KIN 50: Tai Chi (Meets PE graduation requirement)
  • KIN 61A: Beginning Yoga (Meets PE graduation requirement)