Minor in Health Professions

Minor in Health Professions (15 units)

(Consult an HProf advisor for course selections and sequence)

A minor in Health Professions provides all students with the opportunity to gain a breadth of knowledge and understanding of the challenging health issues facing a multicultural society.

Health Professions Minor form (pdf)


HPRF 135 Health Issues in a Multicultural Society *

Select the remaining 12 units from Health Professions areas below: Course should be selected from at least 3 different areas.

Note: Majors in HS, GERO, NURS, NUFS, KIN, and HRTM: At least 12 units of course work that make up the minor must be different from courses on your major form.

Health Science

  • HS 102 Health Team Building
  • HS 104 Health and Society
  • HS 159 Health Promotion
  • HS 161 Epidemiology
  • HS 162 Health Care: Organization & Administration
  • HS 165 Community/Occupational Health Education


  • GERO 102 Health Team Building
  • GERO 108 Health in Later Life
  • GERO 111 Medical Ethics
  • GERO 117 Social Policy and Services in Aging
  • GERO 127 Aging and Mental Health
  • GERO 137 Families, Aging, and Diversity


  • NURS 20 Nursing as a Career
  • NURS 180 Individual Studies
  • Courses with Director of Health Professions approval

Nutrition & Food Science

  • NUFS 8 Nutrition for the Health Professions
  • NUFS 9 Intro to Human Nutrition
  • NUFS 106A Human Nutrition in the Life Span
  • NUFS 116 Aging and Nutrition

Occupational Therapy

  • Courses with Director of Health Professions approval

Other Health Related Areas

  • HPROF 134 Complementary and Alternative Health Practices
  • KIN 69 Stress Management
  • KIN 155 Physiology of Human Performance
  • KIN 156 Intro to Adapted Physical Activity
  • KIN/HS 169 Diversity, Stress & Health
  • KIN 188 Prevention and Care of Athletic Injuries
  • HRTM 110 Leisure and Human Development
  • HRTM 112 Intro. to Therapeutic Recreation Service
  • HRTM/GERO 185 Leisure, Recreation and Aging
  • HRTM 198 Therapeutic Recreation Procedures