CASA Faculty-Led Programs

Winter 2019 FLPs

CASA Faculty-Led Programs (FLPs) are overseas SJSU courses taught by SJSU faculty from the College of Applied Sciences and Arts. These popular courses are the best ways to earn SJSU academic credit and gain international experience. Some FLP courses meet general education requirements.

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2019 Winter Program List

Online Applications are now open!


Costa Rica   India

Costa Rica - RECL 111 (Area S) & KIN 63A

Open to all Majors

January 2 - January 12

India - HS 135 (Area S) & NURS 180

Open to all Majors

 January 2 - January 12


Spain - NUFS 144 (Area V)

Open to All Majors

January 9 - January 18


2018 Summer Program List

Online Applications are now closed.

Journalism and Mass Communications

greece sjsu_jmc_flp_students  

Greece & Italy - MCOM 180ITL

Watch. Learn. Go.


June 15 - July 7

Open to all Majors

JMC Home Page




Nursing & Occupational Therapy

Grenada Summer 2018 Malta Summer 2018 Vietnam Summer 2018




 June 8 - June 26

Nursing Major Only

June 7 - June 23

OT Major Only

 June 12 - June 26

Open to all Majors

Taiwan  Finland Summer 2018  




June 19 - July 3

 May 28 - June 9


Open to all Majors

Open to all Majors



These CASA Faculty-Led Programs Satisfy

SJSU Studies Upper Division GE Requirement

(Areas R, S, V)

Open to all Majors. Students are encouraged to explore courses that fulfill Upper Division GE Requirements.


Kinesiology, Health Science and Recreation  &

Nutrition, Food Science and Packaging

Great Britain Summer 2018  


 Rwanda Summer 2018

KIN 10A, KIN 63A,

KIN 80, KIN 111 (Area V)


KIN/HS 169 (Area S)

June 21 - July 13

Open to all Majors


June 3 - June 16

Open to all Majors 


 Finland - Summer Study Abroad



HSPM 101 and/or HSPM 143

NUFS 144 (Area V) &

NUFS 139 (Area R)


 June 1 - June 26

Open to all Majors

June12, 14, 19, 21, 26, 28

(on-campus classes) 

July 2 - July 16 (dates abroad)




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