Booking Your Flight

You must be accepted into a Faculty-Led Program before purchasing your plane tickets. After receiving confirmation from your FLP instructor, you will be notified by your instructor of when you should begin booking your flights.


Airfare is not included in the program costs of Faculty Led Programs. You are responsible for booking your own flight and making sure you have a valid passport before departure. Most students find Student Universe and STA Travel as helpful travel resources for low-cost airfare.

There are many other resources available on the web that you can use to book your flight. Make sure to research and compare prices to find the best flight for your trip. Double check the dates, locations, and details are accurate before finalizing any payment.


Flight tips

  • Discuss your transportation plans with your FLP instructor, as some of our FLPs prefer to coordinate group transportation options.
  • For international flights, it is best to purchase your tickets 11-12 weeks in advance.
  • Research thoroughly when choosing the best flights - if you are not booking a direct flight, plan wisely for layovers and connection flights.
  • Explore online resources for companies that specialize in student discount travel.
  • Understand your options: some European cities are really close to each other, and you can save money by taking a train or bus instead.