Dear Colleagues,

Many of you may use the Commuter Check benefits provided by Associated Students. This is a way to set aside part of our salary as pre-tax money to spend on public transportation such as CalTrain, Capitol Corridor, Highway 17 buses, etc. Here is the link: index.jsp?val=commuter_checks

This program is being cancelled at the end of December. I am making inquiries about the cancellation of the program at SJSU, and if the University is canceling its participation, we want to prevent that from happening. To help in that task, we would like to know how many of you are using this program. Please respond by sending us an email at if you have been using this program.

Second, the Congress needs to renew this program and there is a campaign to have them renew the program at a higher level than is currently permitted. Specifically the federal government permits only $130 per month for public transportation, while they allow $250 for parking. You may write Congress by going to this link:

www.commuterbenefitsworkforus. com

In solidarity,

Preston Rudy
SJSU-CFA President