Dear CFA members,

By now all faculty (except those hired after July 1) should have received a check covering the negotiated General Salary Increase (GSI) of 1.6 percent earned since July 1, 2014. You should also have received an e-mail from Faculty Affairs Manager Melissa Heaton informing you about the raise in your pay.

A series of other checks and changes will follow. Here is the link to a schedule that the Chancellor's office provided to CFA for the subsequent payments:

For each one of these changes in our paychecks, you should calculate what you are due, verify what you are paid, and ask questions [look up your payroll information on mysjsu, call payroll] if things seem amiss. CSU has made mistakes with our paychecks in the past. “Trust is good, but verification is better”

CFA constructed a table of the CSU salary structure, including SSI maximums, which is available here:

Last item on pay concerns Campus Based Equity. As you will recall, the CSU did not honor the prior two equity pay programs included in previous contracts. President. This year, the contract again includes a promise from the CSU administration that each campus will implement an equity pay program to address inversion and compression. While various SJSU administrators have spoken of an exploratory discussion of an equity program, the campus community awaits a formal statement from the President committing his administration to an Equity plan for faculty. The members of the Executive Board are actively advocating for an expansive, comprehensive, and just equity program, however the collective voice of all faculty might well generate a public commitment. Please speak up.

In solidarity,

Preston Rudy, Ph.D.
CFA-SJSU President

Finding Your Full-Time Base Salary

To find your full-time (FT) base salary (monthly or annual gross salary), please download this CSU salary schedule. Find your FT base on the left side if you're on an academic year (AY) appointment or on the right side if you're on a 12-month appointment (i.e., a 12-month chair, a Librarian, Counselor, 12-month Lecturer, or head Coach). This salary schedule is accurate as of 7/1/14, so it doesn't yet include the 1.6% GSI bargained for 2014-2015.

Each of the 4 salary ranges have a minimum FT base salary, and maximum FT base salary, and between these limits an SSI maximum FT base salary. If your FT base salary is at or above the SSI max for your salary range, you are no longer eligible for any SSI raises (Salary Service Increases) CFA is able to bargain, but are eligible for any GSI raises (General Salary Increases). Tenure-line faculty at or above the SSI max of their range are also eligible for any PPI raises (Post Promotion Increases) CFA is able to bargain. If you are a Lecturer whose FT base salary is at or above the SSI max for your range and you have been in your salary range for at least 5 years, you are then able to apply for Range Elevation to the next higher salary range.

Chairs, Counselors, Coaches, and Head Coaches have specific FT salary maxima which are included on this salary schedule.

Procedure to Know If Your New FT Base Salary—after Implementation of the First Year 2-14-2015 Raises—Is Accurate:

Find your FT base salary on the appropriate side of the salary chart and then follow that row to the salary range you are in. Note its location relative to the SSI max of your range.

  1. Multiply your actual FT base salary by 1.6% if you were on payroll as of 7/1/14.
  2. Multiply all three parameters of your salary range by 1.6%: the minimum, maximum, and SSI maximum of your range.
  3. Add this 1.6% increase in dollars to all 3 parameters of your salary range as well as to your FT base salary.
  4. If you are eligible for the 3% SRA (Salary Recovery Adjustment) because you are a TT faculty member below the SSI max of your range or you are a Lecturer on a 3-year appointment whose FT base salary is below the SSI max of your range, then multiply your new higher FT base salary by 3% and add it to your FT base salary. The only exception to this is for those whose FT base salary is less than 3% below the SSI max of their range, in which case add whatever percentage below 3% is sufficient to bring your FT base salary to the SSI max of your salary range.

If you also received the Lecturer Salary Correction raise, please contact your Lecturer Representative Jonathan Karpf at to schedule an appointment.