California Faculty Association

Dear faculty, coaches, librarians, and counselors,

After insisting since May 2015 that the CSU was unable to pay for the work of faculty, librarians, coaches and counselors, Chancellor White finally sat down with CFA leaders when the fact-finding report concluded that the CSU should raise faculty’s pay by five percent. Our collective hard work resisting White’s flawed prescriptions succeeded in winning a significant raise. This raise begins to recover losses we have sustained because of administrative prejudice against paying for our work.

Ahead of us we must continue to defend our rights at work, prepare ourselves for likely new attacks on our health care and pensions, attacks on our ability to sustain a viable union organization, and the persistent ideology at CSU that value primarily comes from the work of Presidents and administrators. We will need to work closely with student organizations to reclaim the CSU. Lastly we need to sustain the legacy of faculty power in a system of shared governance.

In solidarity,