Hi CFA Members,

VP Joe Biden said, “Don't tell me what you value, show me your budget, and I'll tell you what you value.”

CFA’s white paper on CSU faculty salaries released on Tuesday, “Race to the Bottom: CSU’s 10-Year Failure to Fund its Core Mission,” tells the story of what CSU decision makers value, and it isn’t the people who teach our students. If this makes you mad, read below to see what you can do.

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In a quick summary, here’s is what I find most striking about the findings:

  • Many of our faculty members make shockingly low salaries. This may not be a surprise, but when you look at our salaries in the aggregate; it’s startling.
  • Our salary increases have lagged significantly behind those of K-12, the Community Colleges, and the UC, even though all of these systems ride the same ups and downs of the state budget.
  • Our salary problems were not caused by the 2008 financial crisis as often claimed by CSU management; they predate the crisis by several years.
  • There is no relation between our salaries and the CSU budget going up and down and no relation between our salaries and new student fees. Our salaries remain flat no matter what.

Please read the paper for yourself and see what you find. I think that it provides data that tells the story of what we’ve all experienced in terms of our loss of purchasing power and how CSU faculty are being pushed out of the middle class. The data confirms what we’ve all experienced first hand.

Our salaries are lagging so far behind because of CSU management decisions that refuse to honor our work. These decisions are unsustainable and unfair.

We will need your help to call upon our local administration to fund a robust, fair, and equitable campus-based equity program and to push Chancellor White to put more money on the table for reopener bargaining to rebuild the financial lives of our faculty members and to honor our work.

There are two things that you can do right now!


If you haven’t already, PLEASE fill out our survey helping us to inform reopener bargaining:
We need your voice and your stories to continue to paint the picture!


Get the word out! Our students, alumni, and community need to know.

In Solidarity,

Preston Rudy, Ph.D.
CFA-SJSU President