California Faculty Association

Dear Colleagues,

We ask you to do three things.

First, get to know all the faculty in your department and in your hallway. Introduce yourself to new faculty (tenure-line and lecturer) whom you do not know, and ask them if they have joined CFA. To improve our bargaining position, we need everyone in your department to be a member (here’s the link:

Second, insist that each faculty meeting in your department include a “CFA minute.”

Third, to help you with the "CFA minute," the easiest action to take is subscribe to (CFA Headlines) and read the Faculty Rights tip that is included each month.

The urgency of our situation results from the headwinds we face because of this year’s bargaining and national politics.

Bargaining for our new contract will begin this coming summer of 2017 and will include having to bargain for our health and retirement benefits in addition to our pay. The governor and many legislators, as well as former mayor of San Jose Chuck Reed, are committed to cutting the state’s obligations to retirement and health benefits. They (along with the Chancellor’s Office) want to force state employees to pay more for these benefits. Please read Jonathan Karpf’s article explaining these issues.

To protect our working conditions, pay and benefits, as well as the central role of faculty in determining the course of university education and curriculum, requires that we build our capacities for self-governance and solidarity.

Your dedication to protecting your profession and your working conditions will secure “California's promise” of high quality college education for every family.

In solidarity,

Preston Rudy, PhD
Dept of Sociology, San Jose State
SJSU-CFA President