In March, the Provost asked for CFA's suggestion about a Campus Based Equity Program, and CFA made the following proposal:

  • All adjustments take effect as of 1 July 2014;
  • A minimum salary of $65,000 for Assistant Professors, and of $72,000 for Associate Professors;
  • Correct all inversion between ranks and within department such that no Associate is paid less than any Assistant, and no Full is paid less than any Associate;
  • In small departments (five or fewer faculty for example) correct inversions between rank using a benchmark of a median or average for each rank within the college [specifics to be negotiated];
  • To address compression, a year of service increase of 0.2% for each year of service within rank for all Associates and Fulls.

For Lecturers and Coaches:

  • Correct all inversions between rank within departments for all lecturers and coaches;
  • A year of service increase of 0.1% for each year of service, calculated as one year consisting of 24 units of teaching.

We are preparing a statement about the Administration's Campus Based Equity program, which will be issued soon.

In Solidarity,

Preston Rudy, Ph.D.
CFA-SJSU President