California Faculty Association

Welcome to Fall 2018 from Preston Rudy, CFA President @ SJSU

This semester, we look forward to the 3.5% raise in November, and then the 2.5% increase in July 2019 that we secured in our 2017–20 contract. We continue to hold our pension and health care benefits in spite of pressure to change these formulas.

Bargaining for the next contract will begin late this academic year. You may remember that our collective voice and power enabled us to win our current contract without delays and a long bargaining process.

Last Spring, many of you participated in the lobbying of Governor Brown and the legislature to increase the budget allocations for the CSU. In spite of the need, the Chancellor’s office had requested a minimal budget, which left the faculty and students to do the necessary political lobbying for more funding. As a result of our work, the Governor signed a budget that included $100 million more than was requested by CSU administrators. In addition, the legislature, at faculty urging, included money to hire tenure line faculty. This is money that cannot be diverted to other projects.

Nevertheless, the cost of living in the South Bay erodes these pay increases and places many of our colleagues under significant stain as they try to build a career, raise families, secure a place to live, and avoid very long commutes. Compounding this swamping of faculty livelihood, inversion and compression persist for associate and full professors.

If we are to successfully resolve these and other issues, we must expand CFA membership. Each of us must act to make all faculty in our departments and colleges members of CFA. Many political organizations would like to erase California’s legacy of supporting public higher education by weakening faculty’s voice. We have an effective voice only so long as we have a contract that defines our rights. Now is the time to protect your voice.

The changing demographics of California higher education (documented in Equity Interrupted) has transformed the students and faculty at the CSU, and you can work with CFA to make the university a place where everyone is treated equally, has an opportunity to succeed, and is fully included in the university community.

In Solidarity,

Preston Rudy, PhD
Sociology Department, SJSU
office — 408-924-5333
President of CFA @ SJSU