Happy New Year! For those of you who are already back on campus, we hope that the new term is getting off to a good start for you and your students. For those of you who still have a few more days, we hope that you can use them to rest, relax and prepare for the upcoming term.

Members of the CFA bargaining team and CSU management met for two days in mid-December to discuss the implementation of the collective bargaining agreement. One of the key issues we discussed with management was the timeline for implementing the various raises for our members.

At the end of this message you will find the schedule outlined by administration. We are sure that you are as irate as we are at the glacial pace of this distribution of negotiated raises. In order to highlight to the Chancellor our concern we sent him the following message:

Dear Chancellor White,

It has come to our attention that while we were able to reach a contract settlement in a record 10 months, the Faculty, Librarians, Coaches and Counselors in the California Faculty Association will have to wait an additional 3–4 months for the negotiated salary increases to reach their paychecks. Given how long people have waited for salary increases over the last seven years, this is unacceptable. It sends a message reinforcing the point I made at the last Board meeting, “the vast majority of faculty are terribly demoralized and distressingly cynical about the system's commitment to addressing their struggles paying rent, feeding families, and educating their kids on CSU faculty salaries.”

We reached an agreement in October, and it was ratified the following month. Since then, it does not appear that the administration has felt the urgency needed to implement the salary agreement.

The delay in implementation is also having a domino effect on campus-based equity programs. It seems to us that once the math is done to determine the distribution of the various salary programs (which according to your managers should be done by mid-January), it should be a simple thing for interested campus presidents to agree to an equity program. Unfortunately, we are hearing that many wish to wait until payroll processes all of the salary changes. That means, once again, that needed economic relief will be unnecessarily delayed. To many it comes across as yet another delaying tactic in a system unwilling to step up and correct chronic inequities.

On behalf of our 25,000 faculty, we call on you to light a fire under the process and get some (if not all) negotiated raises into the hands of our faculty in the next 30 days.

Implementation of the contract is one way to measure how substantive our relationship with the Chancellor's Office is. As both sides continue to try to find areas of agreement, a genuinely improved relationship can be important.

Again, we wish you all a good beginning of the new term. We will continue to keep you informed of our plans for the re-opening of negotiations over salary later this spring.

In Union,

Lil Taiz, Professor of History, CSULA
CFA President,

Andy Merrifield, Professor of Political Science, SSU
CFA Bargaining Team Chair,

Kevin Wehr, Professor of Sociology, Sacramento State
CFA Bargaining Team Vice Chair

CSU Administration’s Timeline for Distribution of Negotiated Raises

Management informed us that the four different salary increases would come in stages.

  • GENERAL SALARY INCREASE: Reflected in March 1, 2015 paycheck
  • RECLASSIFICATION OF LECTURER FACULTY: Reflected in the paycheck of March 1, 2015
  • RETROACTIVE PAY (July 1, 2014) GSI & RECLASSIFICATION: to be paid in a separate check in advance of March 1, 2015. Management cannot give us an exact date, and it is possible that not all retroactivity checks will be paid on the same date.
  • SALARY RECOVERY ADJUSTMENT (SRA): finalized for the March pay period and therefore should appear in the April 1, 2015 paycheck.
  • SYSTEMWIDE EQUITY: Reflected in the April 1, 2015 paycheck.
  • RETROACTIVE PAY (July 1, 2014): to be paid or both the equity money and the SRA should be paid in a separate check in advance of the April 1 paycheck. Management cannot give us an exact date, and it is possible that not all retroactivity checks will be paid on the same date