See the Tentative Agreement (PDF).

See Unit 3 Faculty Salaries at a Glance (PDF) for a comprehensive salary chart that will allow all unit 3 faculty to find out whether they are below the SSI max for their salary range or not.


As you read last week, CFA settled a Tentative Agreement with CSU management last Wednesday at 9:30 PM, after three days of marathon bargaining sessions. Thursday the Bargaining Team unanimously recommended the Agreement to the CFA Board of Directors, and on Friday the Board unanimously recommended the Agreement to CFA membership. After hearing a presentation on the Agreement at the CFA Assembly, I believe this is a contract that begins to rebuild what was lost under the prior Chancellor. I believe we should ratify this agreement.

The Tentative Agreement will be available in full on the CFA website on Wednesday. PLEASE READ IT CAREFULLY. The CFA will also post information which you may use to calculate your salary. This agreement does not increase our contributions to healthcare and pensions, spends $12 million to address workload problems, eliminates lecturer L classification, reclassifies lecturers with a terminal degree in the subject they teach to lecturer B, and includes pay increases for faculty who have not reached their maximum SSI.

The CFA leadership will schedule the vote during the first week of November, to allow the CSU Board of Trustees to vote at their November 12–13 meeting, their last meeting of 2014. That would mean the changes in salary and working conditions (retroactive to July 1st) would go into effect much, much sooner.

We have scheduled two general meetings to inform you about the Agreement:

  • Wednesday, 10/29, from 10 AM to 12 PM in Engineering 285
  • Thursday, 10/30, 12 PM to 2 PM, in Flames restaurant (between 4th and San Fernando)

Lunch will be served so we need for you to RSVP to one of them. We will present the Agreement and have plenty of time for questions and discussion.

I hope to see you at one of the two meetings.

In union,
Preston Rudy, Ph.D
CFA-SJSU President