California Faculty Association

Welcome to San José State University.

The California Faculty Association is the union that bargains with the California State University for the faculty’s rights and their pay. CFA is committed to strengthening the CSU as a public university, improving the working conditions for the faculty, and guaranteeing an affordable, creative and engaging educational experience for the students.

We want to encourage you to become a member of CFA because that guarantees our faculty rights are respected, that due process resolves issues about our employment, and we have a stronger voice in securing pay and benefits. CFA represents Tenured and tenure track faculty, lecturer faculty, librarians, coaches and counselors.

This past year the faculty won a seven percent salary increase, effective July 1st, and faculty will receive a 3.5% salary increase on 1 July 2017.

As a result of earlier organizing by faculty, 146 senior members of the faculty received (effective July 1st) an equity pay increase of 1% or 2% for their years of service.

Faculty at SJSU have good working relationships with staff and administrators because we are vigilant in defending our rights as defined in the Collective Bargaining Agreement. We encourage you to get to know the other faculty in your department, your college and across the campus because these relationships will sustain you in your work. Pay attention to the rules governing your work and become informed about them. Upholding these rules assures us a good workplace where we can do our best research, teaching and service.

This election season, CFA has endorsed Proposition 55 because it will protect the public funding of K-12 education and thereby prevent the loss of $250 million for the CSU budget next year. Becoming involved in CFA can help you be involved with the political process in California and meet legislators who need to know your faculty experiences.

CFA is currently also engaged in a process of becoming a social justice organization by means of our unconscious bias workshops and a deeper transformation of anti-racism in our practices and pedagogy. If you would like to become involved in that work, we would welcome your participation.

Members of CFA meet every other week and we have numerous ways for faculty to participate in making SJSU a great work environment. You may look us up at our web site and find a list of the members of the Executive Board and other activists, as well as members of the Faculty Rights committee. Please come to our General Membership meeting on September 6th in the MKL Library, room 255, 11:30 to 1pm. Bring a friend.

Preston Rudy, PhD
Department of Sociology
President of CFA at SJSU