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The California Faculty Association (CFA) is the exclusive collective bargaining representative for the 24,000 California State University faculty, including tenure-track faculty, lecturer faculty, librarians, counselors and coaches in the 23-campus CSU system.

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Dear Members,

Over the past few years, members have questioned the decisions made by the administration here at San Jose State University. Faculty have seen courses cut, departments merged, and services reduced. Last fall, a few days before enrollment for the spring semester, an announcement was made that more cuts were needed, which brought about a lot of anger in students, faculty, staff, and administration. That decision was quickly rescinded.

Our members soon requested an independent audit of the finances here at San Jose State University. Faculty are passionate about their work, care about their students, and want to be involved in the governance of the campus.

The California Faculty Association invited Dr. Howard Bunsis to review the finances at San Jose State University. Howard Bunsis is a full professor of accounting at Eastern Michigan University, a licensed attorney, and certified public accountant. He is also the Chair of the Collective Bargaining Congress of the American Association of University Professors (AAUP) and has performed 10 independent audits of the 23 CSU campuses.

On Thursday, April 3, 2014, Dr. Howard Bunsis presented his findings to faculty, staff, students, and administration. According to Dr. Bunsis' report, San Jose State University's budget is solid. However, State funding continues to decrease while students continue to see increases in tuition and fees. Additionally, tenure-track and temporary faculty positions declined over the past six years while administrative positions grew. Finally, a review of the allocation of the Student Success, Excellence, and Technology Fee (SSETF) was provided, questioning the administration's priorities. Please feel free to review the slides of Dr. Bunsis' presentation (PDF).

In Solidarity,

Kell Fujimoto, Psy.D.
CFA Chapter President—SJSU

Purposes of the CFA

According to the CFA Bylaws, last revised April 2011, the CFA is established:

  • To strengthen the cause of higher education for the public good;
  • To promote and maintain the standards and ideals of the profession;
  • To provide a democratic voice for academic employees;
  • To provide legislative advocacy; and
  • To maintain collective bargaining agreements covering salaries, working conditions, and other items and conditions of employment. 

These agreements shall seek:

  • To obtain explicit guarantees of academic freedom, tenure, and academic due process;
  • To create orderly and clear procedures for prompt consideration of problems and grievances;
  • To promote and protect the professional and economic interests of CFA and all bargaining unit members; and
  • To promote unity among academic employees and thereby enhance the effectiveness of the CFA in representing these employees.