California Faculty Association

SJSU Faculty,

We begin Fall 2015 where we left off in Spring semester, namely bargaining for a raise.

Over the summer, the CSU and CFA met to discuss salary. CFA’s position is that faculty have earned and need a 5% General Salary Increase (GSI) to be supplemented by a 2.65% Service Salary Increase (SSI) for all those not at their SSI max. The Chancellor’s office countered that the CSU can’t afford it, despite increases to executive salaries and the addition of $97 million to the CSU budget. Instead, Chancellor White proposes to increase the pool of money for faculty pay by 2%. From this puddle of money, the Chancellor proposes to pay inadequate increases in GSI and SSI.

The CSU offer is clearly an insult to our dedication to the students and to this educational institution. We each need to show the Chancellor and the Board of Trustees that the faculty are united in rejecting their minuscule proposal by filling out the FIGHT FOR FIVE form: either use the online form or else download the MS Word form, fill it out, and return it via email attachment to or via campus mail at 0119. To win a 5% GSI and a 2.65% SSI, each of us needs to remind all our department friends and colleagues to complete and submit the FIGHT FOR FIVE form.

The CSU faculty have persisted through the fiscal drought imposed on them by the CSU administrators over the last ten years. This shriveling of faculty pay co-exists with lush budgeting for administrators. Don’t let the Chancellor’s office continue their disastrous strategy of denying fair and equitable pay for the faculty’s work. Help us make a better CSU that fully respects the dignity and professionalism of the faculty.


Online Form or MS Word Form

Preston Rudy, Ph.D.
President SJSU-CFA
Dept of Sociology