California Faculty Association

Dear CFA members,

Thank you for voting and mobilizing your colleagues to vote during the just completed strike authorization vote. At SJSU, a huge majority of you voted, a significant show of confidence in CFA’s bargaining position.

Many of you helped in numerous ways to make this a success, and I’d like to recognize the faculty activists who contacted you and nudged you with phone calls, emails, and by sitting at the ballot box table: Sabrina Pinnell, Patricia Hill, Curtis Jones, Craig England, Todd Sauke, Glyn Falcon, Gloria Collins, Paul Kauppila, Romey Sabalius, Chris Cox, Gus Lease, Teresa Slobuski, Mike Splane, Anne Lawrence, Kevin Moore, Jonathan Karpf, Alison McKee, Glen Gendzel, Rosalinda Quintanar, Dona Nichols, Scott Fosdick, Richard Francisco, Kell Fujimoto (these are just the names I remember). And we could not have completed this work without the help of our lawyer/organizer/CFA staff Sue Pak, strike vote organizer Antonio, and our office manager Russell Worsnup (Junior in psychology).

The results of the voting by CFA members at all 23 CSU campuses will be announced November 4th on our campus. The statewide announcement will consist of a press conference in Engineering room 333 at 10AM. Attend this announcement if you can, wearing your CFA t-shirt.

The fact-finding report will not be complete until sometime at the end of November or in December. Then there is a ten day embargo on announcements, and more opportunity for CSU and CFA to come to an agreement about our salary deficit.

Should a strike be called, it will be during Spring Semester, and we will have plenty of lead time. If your students ask, reassure them that our efforts now are directed at foreclosing the necessity for a strike. They can help prevent a strike by vocally supporting their faculty in communication with the Chancellor and the administration at SJSU.

In the interim, please attend Chancellor White’s Open Forum at the Student Union on Wednesday November 4th at 11am. Wear your red t-shirt “I Don’t Want to Strike But I Will.” We will have more of these shirts to hand out at the entrance to the Student Union. A silent phalanx of visible faculty will clearly communicate to the Chancellor that he does not have the support of the faculty in his advocacy of a 2% salary increase.

After next week’s forum, your next opportunity to wear your t-shirts will be on November 17th.

Thirty members of the SJSU faculty are traveling to Long Beach for the Board of Trustees meeting. I am asking each of you to be visible that day on campus, take photos of yourselves in these t-shirts, walk in groups across campus, or just go about your normal activities in the t-shirt. During this period of the bargaining, we must be visible to administrators and students, to make it clear how dependent this institution is on our work.

In solidarity,
Preston Rudy, PhD
Dept of Sociology, San José State
SJSU-CFA President