Strategies for Faculty and Staff

Some suggested strategies for helping students engage in integrative learning are noted in various publications. The following are suggested in Mapping Interdisciplinary Studies (1999) by Klein, p. 16; published by the Association of American Colleges and Universities ( AAC&U ):

  • Organize courses around a topic, theme, issue, idea, problem, or question
  • Cluster disciplinary courses around a particular theme or field of interests
  • Link disciplinary courses with integrative seminars or discussion groups
  • Devise courses and units that reflect on the process of integration
  • Team teach
  • Build learning communities
  • Use particular integrative approaches, such as systems theory, feminism, and textualism
  • Give students models of interdisciplinary knowledge and integrative process
  • Require integrative portfolios
  • Offer residential living-learning experiences
  • Foster interdisciplinary approaches to fieldwork, internships, travel-study, and service learning