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Center for Faculty Development
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The Center offers support to SJSU faculty and staff to explore a variety of tools you can use to enhance your professional communication and collaboration.

Faculty Profile Website

SJSU provides faculty a web space for students, colleagues, and professional community to learn about our faculty members. Faculty can post all the courses they are currently teaching or have taught in the past, research interest and publications, conference presentations, or any professional accomplishments and activities.

For those faculty who have web content developed via previous Website Builder or legacy content management system, the information has been migrated to OmniUpdate (OU) Campus environment.  Use this OU Campus system to edit and post updated content information.

Take advantage of this special privilege to create or edit your official professional profile at SJSU. If interested,

Note: If you are new or never have a faculty website account, visit faculty website request page to request for an account.

Supporting Staff and Faculty with

Google Apps

The entire suite of Google Apps is available to all faculty and staff affiliated with SJSU.  This includes Gmail, Calendar, Google Docs, YouTube, etc.  You can learn the "how to's" or any tips or tricks in using these apps for your business communication, office collaboration and teaching. If interested,

Online Resources

A general overview of Google Apps is available at:

More detailed information, appropriate for beginners and experts alike, can be accessed at:

The Google Apps in Education

For more information and ideas about how Google Apps can be used in educational settings, visit: