Research Development

photo of jerry flanzer

Jerry Flanzer

Associate Dean of Research, Graduate Study & Research

Faculty Research Development and Supporting Institutional Infrastructure

PhD, Social Work, University of Southern California, 1973


Jerry works closely with colleges and faculty to develop research initiatives and research careers. He helps pursue grant funding, partners with SJSU's Center for Faculty Development, Research  and Tower Foundation towards instituting an ongoing supportive research environment.

His current leadership focus and activities at SJSU:

1. Improve research culture – develop interest in developing research particularly cross- discipline

  • Breakfast Club - ( co facilitated with Amy Strage, Interim Director, Center for Faculty Development)
  • Grant writing , presentations and workshops
  • Pursuing infrastructure grants
  • Developing center for health and health disparities (including SJSU rep to cross campuses - CSU Health Disparities Affiliate Group)

2. Coach faculty in the activity of developing and applying for research grants

  • One- on- one assisting faculty formulate, edit proposals
    • Research writing seminar (bi-monthly)
  • Intensive writing marathon ( includes grant writing and research papers) – co facilitated with Amy Strage, Interim Director, Center for faculty Development
  • "Collegial Conversations -Alliances" - Affiliate research interest groups (faculty only and with external partners)
  • Grant Writing tips 

3. Building upon and Establishing community and university partners

  • Santa Clara County agency partnership – MOU
    • Drug and Alcohol Services, Social Services (family, child and aging), Public Health (obesity, smoking, HIV), parks and recreation, mental health, transportation
  • UCSF –post-doc mentoring, co-application to grants

Contact Information

Phone: (408) 924-2632