International Education

CIES coordinates and supports the internationalization of education at SJSU. This involves hosting students and scholars from other parts of the world, sending students and faculty abroad and extending SJSU's courses to overseas professionals, at home and in other countries.

International Gateways

International Gateways has been offering academic and TOEFL preparation courses on the San Jose State University campus since 1975 to help international students develop the English skills necessary for admission to American colleges and universities.

Programs include: 

  • Studies in American Language improves English language skills quickly and easily through the Academic and Test Preparation and Active Communication in English

  • International University Studies bridges language study and university courses. Strong English skills are needed to take full advantage of these great international experiences at SJSU: Semester at SJSU,  MBA Preparation Program, Teaching English in English (teacher training), University Partners and Custom Programs

International Programs and Services (IPS)  

IPS fosters global understanding. It provides programs and services for overseas students and visitors, IPS also provides semester and short-term study abroad programs. 

Programs include: 

  • Short-term study overseas, including courses in Cuba, Costa Rica, Ireland and China
  • Semester abroad programs at universities such as Queenland University of Technology in Australia, Okayama University in Japan and Chulalongkorn University in Thailand
  • Annual International Week

SJSU Salzburg Program 

The SJSU Salzburg program is a seminar program for faculty, administrators, staff, and students from US colleges and universities that offers them an opportunity to explore pressing issues from an international perspective during intensive week-long sessions in the heart of Austria.


Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies (SVCGS)

The Silicon Valley Center for Global Studies brings an important new dimension in international scholarship to the heart of Silicon Valley.  SVCGS is a center for research and professional development. Projects undertaken by the Center will seek to benefit the community broadly through the involvement of other actors, such as SJSU research units, CSU campuses, UC campuses, Community Colleges, private companies, and community-based not-for-profit organizations.