International Partnerships

The College of International and Extended Studies (CIES) reaches out to international, academic and other partners to better support channels for student admissions to SJSU and the various programs offered by CIES to enable students and educators to engage and benefit from the University. These include:

International Recruitment Partners

CIES relies on international partners in countries all over the world to help educate international students and parents about educational options at SJSU. To become an international partner of CIES, please visit us here.

International Academic Partners

A network of college and universities throughout the world as linked with CIES/SJSU in providing options for students, educators and others. To see a list of our academic partners, visit us here.

Education and Training

CIES manages continuing education and professional development programs for San José State University (SJSU). Earn Continuing Education Units (CEUs) for professional development or degree credit units from SJSU without formal admission.

Among the established programs offered to international partners are:

International Leadership Programs

Length of program:  4-12 weeks

Cohort Semester@Silicon Valley

Length of program:  4, 16 or 18 weeks