José Augustín Luz Díaz de León Villa

The Chicano Community Loses a Warrior

Profesor José Villa died peacfully at his home on June 27, 2018 in La Villita, NM. Profesor Villa was the first faculty member of the School of Social Work at San José State University.  He developed the Mexican American Community Services Agency into a major influence in San José during the civil rights era. Profesor Villa served as the chair of the Mexican American Graduate Studies. He also worked for the San José Unified School District developing Bilingual Education projects.  He served as a major influencer during formative years of the Chicano Movement.  Rest in peace, Profesor Villa.  CLFSA officers, Dr. Julia Curry and Kathryn Blackmer Reyes were able to attend Profesor Villa's memorial in Alcalde, NM.  Profesora Curry wrote the following article in the NACCS newsletter