COSAC Peer Advising


The purpose of the College of Science Peer Advisors is to provide the students of the College of Science with:

  • A central location where they can go to have any questions answered.
  • The ability to talk to other CoS students about any issues they are having, whether it be personal or academic.
  • Information about the university and the college itself.
  • Direct access to an academic advisor.
  • Advice about being a CoS student from a student's perspective.


  • For CoS students to be able to come to a friendly environment and have their questions answered!
  • To have knowledgeable Peer Advisor's (PA's) that know about all SJSU campus policies and CoS information; all of which will be compiled in a resource binder.
  • To have PA's raise awareness about activities, issues, and resources for the CoS and SJSU students.
  • To have PA's who will be active listeners and problem solvers for students.
  • To help CoS students with problems/issues which they would feel more at ease talking about with a fellow student rather than with a professor or other faculty member.
  • To have specific PA's assigned to ALL clubs of the CoS, to assist them with advertising and being more inclusive with the college.
  • To help students with course registration, MySJSU issues, and general registration questions.