Crisis Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT)

If you observe or have information about criminal activity or immediate public safety concerns, call University Police Department by dialing 9-1-1 from any campus phone or (408-92)4-2222 from any other phone.

The mission of the Crisis Assessment and Intervention Team (CAIT) is to improve campus safety through a pro-active, thoughtful approach to situations that pose, or may reasonably pose, a threat to the safety and well-being of the SJSU community.  CAIT members work together to detect, track, and intervene within the campus community in order to reduce, if not completely avoid, violence and tragedy on the SJSU campus.

Students, staff and faculty are usually the first to notice concerning behaviors of those in our campus community including students, faculty members, staff or SJSU visitors.  Sometimes, we notice behaviors that concern us, but do not seem to trigger our feeling that we should call the police, i.e. are not criminal or immediately endangering public safety. These “concerning behaviors” might be threats (of any kind), violence, a sense that someone has lost touch with reality, disruptive classroom or office behavior, etc. In these cases, you might call a member of CAIT.

We know from experience with campus and workplace violence that potential perpetrators almost always tell someone ahead of time -- and often they've told more than one person. They tell through verbal threats, written threats, physical threats, threatening behavior, videos, postings in social networking sites such as My Space or Face Book, etc. Sometimes the human tendency is to minimize those concerns. Please -- do not ignore your uneasy feelings. This might be an opportunity to get help for a student or colleague who needs it.

What will CAIT do? Your responsibility is to report concerns-- not to determine whether a threat is “real” or not. CAIT will do that. You may be only one of a number of faculty and staff reporting concerns about the same person or situation. Based on your report, CAIT will verify, document, assess, intervene, and follow-up.

Remember, do not worry about violating FERPA (the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act that protects students' privacy of educational records). Information observed or communicated about a student's behavior is not a part of an educational record and can be shared with other university officials without violating FERPA.

If you experience an immediate threat contact the University Police Department at 408.924.2222. If you see or experience a behavior that concerns you or you feel threatened contact CAIT at 408.924.6973.

Alternatively, you can contact any CAIT member for consultation:

You can also complete an Incident Report Form, which can be found on the right side navigation menu of the CAIT website:

What will CAIT do when you contact them? The CAIT member has an intake form that they will complete with you when you contact them. Based on your report, CAIT will verify, document, assess, intervene, and follow-up on the case. A CAIT member will notify the person who called in the report and respond to the caller's concerns.