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About Economics

The Economics Department at San José State University has one core mission: to train both graduate and undergraduate students in the economic way of thinking and market process. Our internationally recognized faculty will guide your exploration of economic theory, equipping you with the analytical decision-making skills to prepare you to succeed in careers in business, public policy, government service, data management, as well as providing a solid foundation for future doctoral studies in economics.

At the undergraduate level, we offer both bachelor of arts and bachelor of sciences degrees, as well as an economics minor. At the graduate level, we offer an MA program in Economics, with an optional concentration in Applied Economics. Because we offer a terminal Masters degree program, we are uniquely equipped to prepare students to face the business world.

Students at San José State University also have the opportunity to participate in research workshops and seminars, as well as attend our Provocative Lecture Series

Faculty in the News

February 22, 2018
"Some Palo Alto Residents with six-figure incomes identify themselves as middle class"
Fred Folvary, abc7 news

February 21, 2018
"San Jose State University economics professor running for lieutenant governor"
Lydia Ortega, The Mercury News

February 15, 2018
"Misdiagnosing Right-to-try Laws"
Raymond March, Independent Institute, The Beacon

February 13, 2018
"Right-to-try Laws the Right Way to Save More Lives"
Raymond March, The Hill

February 8, 2018
"Another Tumultuous Day on Wall Street"
Justin Rietz, KTVU news

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