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This three-year degree is designed to endow, challenge and nurture a diverse group of next-generation educational leaders with the knowledge and skills needed to build a P-12 public education system that provides all students with a high quality education. Check out the curriculum

san jose state university It is the most recent demonstration of San José State's century and a half commitment to the development of first-rate public schools.



                           Ed.D. Spring/Summer 2019 Newsletter

        Our Spring/Summer 2019 newsletter is now available online. It features updates   and photos of the recent Ed.D. graduates; student, alumni, and faculty achievements; and                                           an introduction to cohort 5 students.

 Spring Summer 2019 Newsletter Cover

Current Announcements


 Documentary Videos by Ed.D. Students


Radha Aravamudhan 

   The film “I Can” by Cohort 3 student Radha Aravamudhan is a compilation of her findings       of her qualitative research on the practices used in the Eureka walk-and-talk program         focusing on an asset based approach using a culturally-responsive pedagogy leveraging  community cultural wealth. She studied the impact of the program through the perspectives            of various stakeholders.The study was done as part of her doctoral dissertation. 


Analiza Filion

In the documentary film Creating Safe Learning Spaces in Turbulent Times by Analiza Filion,   five adolescent refugee youth retell their experiences with attending afterschool programs         for literacy support. Students’ perceptions about safe learning environments are also          highlighted in the film. Additional topics include immigration issues, language barriers, and         other unique challenges faced by refugee youth. The documentary was created as a          component of Filion’s dissertation study for San José State University’s Ed.D. program in        Educational Leadership. Culturally responsive and trauma-informed teaching practices                                served as the conceptual lens for the exploratory study.



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