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Welcome to Department of Educational Leadership 

The Department of Educational Leadership prepares administrators who are dedicated to fostering equity and excellence in education through appreciation of diversity. Our graduates are equipped with the skills, knowledge, and experience to promote social justice through engagement with diverse communities and to facilitate collaborative change.

Our department offers programs aligned with the state of California two-tier credential structure in school administration.
• Preliminary Administrative Services Credential (Tier 1)
• Administrative Intern Credential
• M.A. in Educational Administration (K-12)

Through a sequence of courses, graduates are prepared to create meaningful partnerships with school districts, families, professional organizations, cities, and local business communities. All courses provide the convenience and flexibility of online assignments and activities, and the value and mentoring that comes with face-to-face instruction and discussion. Students are placed within a cohort and create a network of colleagues that provide support and advice through the program and beyond. Fieldwork courses provide opportunities for one-to-one mentoring from an experienced fieldwork supervisor at the student’s worksite.

We are located in Sweeney Hall 219.  For more information about applying, our program learning goals, and to learn about us, please see the links above.  If you have additional questions, please call the Department Office 408-924-3616 or email us at