Graduate Admissions and Program Evaluations (GAPE) handles procedures related to admissions, and university level program requirements for graduate students. Detailed information about applying to a graduate program, steps for completing a master's degree (including applying for Candidacy and Graduation), and important forms and deadlines, can be found by accessing the links below. 

GAPE Department Learning Outcomes can be found below.


Prospective Students

Review the instructions for admission for domestic and international applicants.  Preview admission deadlines and due dates for all open majors.  Receive tools to ensure a complete application is submitted.  We invite you to peruse our admissions brochure and flowcharts.

Current Students

Review the steps for completing your master's degree and deadlines related to candidacy and graduation. This section also contains all the commonly used forms for current students.

Graduate Programs

Use our graduate programs page for quick access to your department's website, advisor contact information, and the SJSU online catalog which has information on department requirements and course offerings. The links provided on this page direct users to important program information for graduate studies within specific departments, including program prerequisites, requirements, and courses offered.

Financial Information: Fees, Financial Assistance, and Funding

Find out how much it costs to pursue a graduate degree at San Jose State University and explore the financial assistance SJSU offers to qualified students.


Find and download the form you are looking for by referring to this complete listing of GAPE Forms. Forms also appear on the respective relevant pages of this website.

Frequently Asked Questions

Browse this faq section to find additional information for prospective applicants, new students, and current students

Contact Information and GAPE Staff

General contact information, including address, location, phone, fax, and office hours, are listed in this section. GAPE staff and their direct contact information is also included.


University Learning Goals (ULG)

1. Specialized Knowledge

Mastered the depth of knowledge required for a degree, as identified by its program learning outcomes.

2. Broad Integrative Knowledge

Mastery in each step of an investigative, creative or practical project (i.e. brainstorming, planning, formulating hypotheses or complex questions, designing, creating, completing, and communicating).

An understanding of the implications of results or findings from a particular work in a societal context (i.e. social or economic implications of a scientific finding).

Students graduating with a baccalaureate degree will have demonstrated an understanding of critical components of broad academic areas, the arts, humanities, social sciences, and sciences and their integration.

3. Intellectual Skills

Fluency in the use of specific theories, tools, technology and graphical representation.

Skills and abilities necessary for life-long learning: critical and creative thinking, effective communication, conscientious information gathering and processing, mastery of quantitative methodologies, and the ability to engage effectively in collaborative activities.

4. Applied Knowledge

The ability to integrate theory, practice, and problem-solving to address practical issues.

The ability to apply their knowledge and skills to new settings or in addressing complex problems.

The ability to work productively as individuals and in groups.

5. Social and Global Responsibilities

The ability to act intentionally and ethically to address a global or local problem in an informed manner with a multicultural and historical perspective and a clear understanding of societal and civic responsibilities.

Diverse and global perspectives through engagement with the multidimensional SJSU community.

Enrollment Services Learning Outcomes

  1. Students will know and understand the policies and procedures that guide admission, enrollment and graduation at SJSU (Applied Knowledge).
  2. Students will demonstrate competence in applying the policies and procedures that guide admission, enrollment and graduation at SJSU (Applied Knowledge).
  3. Students will utilize MySJSU effectively to access information and conduct business with the university (Intellectual Skills).
  4. Students will demonstrate effective communication and critical thinking skills in assessing information and services provided by Enrollment Services (Intellectual Skills).

Departmental (Course) Learning Outcomes

Graduate Admissions & Program Evaluations

  1. Support new students in ensuring successful enrollment, retention, and graduation. Provide graduation workshops to increase the level of knowledge about university and department requirements for a successful graduation (ELO #1-2).
  2. Support students in obtaining knowledge about their program requirements at the department and university level. Increase students’ knowledge of pertinent filing deadlines and notifications in MySJSU to ensure a timely graduation (ELO #1-4).
  3. Make full use of various communication mediums to maintain, practice, and communicate CSU eligibility requirements for prospective graduate applicants and students (ELO #1-4).
  4. Support the efforts of graduate departments and advisors in the shared task of sustaining an efficient and successful admissions and graduation cycle for all graduate students (ELO #1-2, and #4).


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