LFSI Event

For graduate students and professionals who want to prepare themselves and their organizations to excel in today’s competitive global work environment.

Open to all SJSU students, this program assesses their global skills and steers them to campus courses, programs, speakers, and experiences that prepare them for global work.

Specialize in Global Leadership

Students from all areas of study can learn vital skills and knowledge necessary to be effective leaders and achieve success in any organization. Undergrads can earn an Interdisciplinary Minor in Global Leadership & Innovation and graduate students and professionals can enhance their career potential with a Certificate in Advanced Global Leadership.

This initiative leverages the symbiotic relationship among Silicon Valley innovators, social entrepreneurs, non-profits, foundations, universities, and governments to build a collaborative network that innovates for the good of the local community.

Research and Publications

A rich repository of new and notable books, articles, field studies, bibliography, symposia, and research awards pertaining to global leadership.

Assessment center that develops global skills in professionals and student groups via assessments, simulations, coaching and action learning.

The Global Leadership Company Consortium seeks to attract corporate sponsors to become partners in GLAC's Global Leadership Fellows Program, where exceptional SJSU undergraduate business students participate in comprehensive, cutting-edge global leadership skills development and training. Sponsoring companies gain access to GLAC retreats, workshops, peer-coaching, webinars, events, and design guidance on their in-house global leadership development, as well as mutual mentoring experience with student leaders to eventually fill their global leadership talent pipeline. GLAC seeks 10 such sponsoring companies to join the Consortium in 2019. For more information on becoming a sponsor, contact glac-group@sjsu.edu or Joyce Osland at (408) 924-3583.

The Fellows Program includes design thinking and social innovation in both local and global settings. It also incorporates mutual mentoring on diversity issues. Company sponsors will provide students with a unique opportunity they could not otherwise afford.