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Academic Senate Policy S13-10 Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificate Programs

Certificate Program Requirements

 In conformance with Academic Senate policy S13-10 (Policy Recommendation, Review and Approval Process for Academic Certificate Programs), all new certificate programs must be approved by a university process.  That process includes approval by the college curriculum committee of any new courses, any courses converted to an online or hybrid format, and the package of courses to be included in the certificate program.  All relevant curricular forms, available at http://www.sjsu.edu/gradstudies/curriculum, must also accompany the proposal in the remainder of the process.  The proposal should include all items and in the order stipulated in the S13-10 in the section, Process for Proposing and Reviewing Academic Certificate Programs.

Following approval at the college level, the proposal should be sent to the Office of Graduate Studies & Research (GS&R) for review by the GS&R Committee.  The GS&R Committee will review proposals in order of receipt with a requirement that they be received a minimum of one week prior to the meeting whose agenda they appear on.  It is recommended that the author have the proposal reviewed by the Associate Dean for GS&R in advance of formal submission to the committee. 

Once approved, the proposal will be forwarded to the University Curriculum & Research (C&R) Committee for its review.  After an initial review session by either committee, either committee may ask that the author be present in a subsequent meeting, answer questions in writing, and/or make revisions to the document, or it may approve the document outright.  Ultimately, the approved proposal will be sent to the Provost for final signature.