Cross Listing of Courses

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A cross-listed course was originally conceived to be one wherein separate sections would be taught by instructors in more than one department; it is, however, possible for one section simply to be listed in two or more departments. The course is listed in the Catalog and the Schedule by the home and all dependent departments. The home department controls dependent listings, i.e., a home department may at its discretion discontinue the cross-listing without concurrence of the dependent department(s), but the dependent department should be consulted before a Minor Course Change form is filed to discontinue the cross-listing. A dependent department's listing of the course in the Catalog is identical to the home department's except for the prefix and reference to the home department for course description. A Cross-Listing Request Form must be approved by all departments and college deans concerned prior to forwarding it to the appropriate AVP for approval and input to the PeopleSoft Course Catalog. (NOTE: If a department wishing to cross-list a home department's course has a course of its own with that number and no adjustment in numbering by either department is possible, the course cannot be cross-listed.) The course appears in the Schedule under the prefix of each cross-listed department and on the student's transcript with the prefix of the department under which the student registered. The course number, title, section number, units, type, days, hours, building, room, and instructor are identical under all listings. Assignment of FTES and FTEF is by arrangement through Academic Scheduling.