Curriculum Procedures and Requirements

Add new courses or experimental courses to existing programs, or make minor changes to existing courses.  Find out about cross-listing classes and service learning designation.

Review the procedures for new curriculum degree programs (majors and concentrations) and information about the review process. 

This document is provided to give an overview as well as specifics of "all-things certificate."  Included are reasons for proposing a program, pluses and minuses of having one, information to help decide on the session in which to hold it, the outcomes of university approval, the means to achieving approval, and the process one goes through to garner approval.

Under construction.

The Office of GS&R and the GS&R Committee oversee the Graduate Writing Assessment Program on campus.  They review new course certifications, oversee the course recertification process, GWAR policy, and waivers.  Learn more about competency in written English, new course certification, recertification and students' satisfaction of GWAR.

 Graduate students with an RP grade in a thesis (299) or project (often 298) course in the S12 or later semester are required to enroll in the 1-unit course, UNVS 290, in each semester until degree completion except in cases in which the department requires repeated enrollment in these classes each semester until completion.  Some programs may need to complete a  Minor Curriculum Change form.