About the IACUC Committee

Authority and Function

The IACUC derives its authority from the Law as mandated by the Health Research Extension Act of 1985 (PL 99-158) and the Animal Welfare Act (PL 89-544) and is charged with developing and implementing institutional policies and standards pertaining to animal care and use. San Jose State University’s President has established an IACUC, which is qualified through the training and expertise of its members to review and monitor all aspects of the institution's animal care and use program, facilities, and activities.

The IACUC is charged with:

  1. reviewing and approving animal care and use protocols;

  2. monitoring all approved animal activities and facilities;

  3. ensuring human and animal welfare associated with approved activities;

  4. making recommendations to the Institutional Official regarding any aspect of animal care and use standards, facilities and personnel training; and

  5. investigating reported concerns of animal care and use at SJSU.  

The IACUC will conduct site inspections of facilities that support animal-related activities and review the institution’s Animal Care Program no less than every six months to ensure these provisions.  Reports of the IACUC are submitted directly to the Institutional Official for their consideration in accordance with Federal law.

The Institutional Official is responsible to ensure that all animal welfare standards are being met campus-wide.  The University President has designated the Associate vice-President for Graduate Studies and Research as the Institutional Official for SJSU.  The Institutional Official will have the authority to commit resources and adopt Policy changes to ensure the Animal Care Program at SJSU is in compliance with Federal law.

Veterinary Officers

The Campus Veterinarian will have delegated responsibility for the health and well-being of all animals involved in University activities. The Campus Veterinarian is a voting member of the IACUC and will have unlimited access to all animal use areas with due respect for the demands of research and teaching in progress. The Campus Veterinarian will have the authority to suspend any activity involving animals when the health of the animals or investigators is deemed inappropriately in jeopardy, including those with a protocol approved by the IACUC. All consulting veterinarians shall carry out their duties, as outlined in the Program of Veterinary Care on file in the University Animal Care office.

The Animal Care Facility Operations Manager (ACFOM) will: 

  1. coordinate all business of the IACUC;

  2. supervise the veterinary care staff and carry out veterinary treatment as directed by a veterinarian;

  3. coordinate project support and personnel training with investigators; and

  4. coordinate with investigators all orders to receive and uncrate live animals.

Veterinary health concerns are to be relayed immediately to the ACFOM or the Campus Veterinarian to ensure all animals have access to adequate veterinary care.