Reporting Animal Welfare Concerns

The IACUC will promptly investigate all reported animal welfare concerns or complaints  of non-compliance with institutional policies that involve the care, use and treatment of animals at SJSU.                                

Any person may report anonymously concerns related to animal care and use at San Jose State University or Moss Landing Marine Laboratories by contacting the IACUC Coordinator, the Campus Veterinarian, or the IACUC Chairperson.  Reporting individuals may request to receive follow-up information pertaining to the IACUC's findings upon completion of the investigation.

IACUC Coordinator, Larry Young, 408-924-4929 [DH-244, mail 0100]
IACUC Chairperson, Dr. Shelley Cargill, 408-924-4891 [mail 0100]
Campus Veterinarian, Dr. Rosemary Broome, 650-846-0508