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If you are using materials or reproductions in your thesis that are copyright protected, a statement from the copyright owner granting you permission to use the material must be submitted with the thesis. Examples of copyrighted material may include any images that are not your own - tables, figures, graphs, photographs, maps - as well as extensive portions of text, such as the reproduction of journal articles. The Office of Graduate Studies & Research will accept permission letters that were received by a student via email; however, the Sample Permission Letter For Use of Previously Copyrighted Material (pdf) provided by the publisher of your thesis, ProQuest, is recommended. The permission letter must state that the copyright owner is aware that ProQuest may supply single copies upon request and may proceed under the contract on the publishing agreement that you select for your thesis. Permission may need to be sought from the author, publisher, or repository (i.e., museum or archive) depending on who owns the copyright.

If your thesis utilizes a number of copyrighted materials, or if your thesis contains a mixture of your own images and copyrighted images, it is recommended that you create a list, separate from your thesis, which outlines the source of each image and whether or not permission is needed/included when submitting your thesis for initial review to GS&R. If multiple permission letters are submitted, they must be labeled so that it is clear which figure/image within the thesis the permission corresponds to.

All copyrighted material must include the correct citation within your thesis (i.e., Reprinted with permission from..., Adapted from..., Modified from...) regardless of what other style guides require. The formatting of the citation will depend on the preferences of the copyright owner.

If you do not submit evidence of permission by the publication deadline, the copyrighted material must be omitted from your thesis.

In addition to supplying evidence of having received permission to reproduce copyrighted material at the time you submit your thesis for review by GS&R, you must also mail copies of the permission letters to ProQuest after uploading the final PDF version of your thesis to the ETD administrator. Include with your correspondence: your name, the title of your thesis, the name of your school (San Jose State University), and the ETD submission ID (your submission ID will be sent to you in an email after you submit your thesis using the ETD administrator). Make sure to keep your original permission letters for your records.

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In some unusual circumstances, students may not have sole ownership of their thesis. Such circumstances may include co-authorship of part of the thesis, support from a foundation or grant that may specify terms of ownership for the resulting work, previous publication of parts of your thesis in a journal or book, or the inclusion of copyrighted material with restrictions on commercial distribution. If you have published in a journal, you may have assigned the copyright of those portions of your thesis to the publisher. In addition to informing GS&R of these unusual circumstances, please make sure to review your past agreements and secure permission if necessary.

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