Curriculum Calendar

The Office of Graduate and Undergraduate Programs logs all requests that have been received. The Tracking sheets are listed by Academic Year below, as of Fall 2017 curriculum tracking is completed in the curriculum management system Curriculog.

Please note: If you have submitted a curriculum request and it does not appear on the list, please check with your Dean's Office first before you contact us. If Requests require campus approval you should ensure GUP receives request at least one month before University deadline.

AY 2017-2018 Curriculum Tracking

AY 2016-2017 Curriculum Tracking

Curriculum Changes

Fall Semester

  • All degree changes (include roadmap and TMC update if applicable)
  • All catalog changes
  • New Courses (and where they fit in program)
  • Course inactivation (that impact degree programs)
  • All minor course changes
  • Experimental Courses

*ONLY Degree impacting changes are accepted in the Fall.


Spring Semester

  • Course title / Abbreviated Title Changes
  • Subtitle additions
  • Course description
  • Grading method
  • Repeatable for credit,
  • GE / FYE /GWAR certification,
  • Prerequisite changes
  • (Un)Cross-listings
  • New and Experimental Courses**

NOT accepted in Spring:

  • Unit /Component / Staffing Formula changes
  • Degree changes(adding / deleting courses to degree; increasing /decreasing units of courses and/or degrees),
  • Catalog changes [The University Catalog is updated during Fall semester only]

** Experimental courses are only active for ONE term. You must complete and resubmit a New Course Proposal form each term you wish to offer an experimental course. After the THIRD offering, an experimental course has to be converted as "permanent" to be offered again.