Academic Internships

Background:A CSU audit of off-campus activities in 2009-10 found that SJSU was lax in its oversight of academic internships. In particular, the audit found that SJSU needed to improve central campus-level monitoring and control of the contracts between SJSU and those organizations providing the internships. Therefore, we need to set up procedures that will effectively keep Undergraduate Studies informed of the compliance of our academic programs with CSU safety and risk management policies.

SJS4, Approved Learning Sites and University Organization Agreements (UOAs)

As of Fall 2016, all off-campus activities outlined in S16-14 must complete a University Organization agreement with off-campus learning sites in order for students to serve or intern at that location. Already approved locations are available at, and information on how to propose and initiate a UOA for a new site are outlined at SJS4 How to Propose a Learning Site.

If an Internship course wants to use the SJS4 system to manage and coordinate student placements, they must request the course to be added to the system via a Minor course change proposal form via the GUP Curriculog curriculum management system, along with  a course syllabus and a short memo outlining how the course fits into the overall program objectives and requirements, the course specific objectives and requirements of the internship activity (hours, specific agency types (if applicable), etc).