Program Planning Reports to the Provost

Beginning in fall semester 2007 the Program Planning Committee (PPC) combined the PPC liaison report to the committee and the department with the letter to the Provost. At the same time, the committee voted to post subsequent PPC Reports to the Provost on the PPC Website.

Geology 10/4/13 (pdf)

English and Comparative Literature 10/4/13 (docx)

College of Business 9/18/13 (pdf)

Urban Planning 5/3/13 (pdf)

Meteorology 5/3/13 (pdf)

Moss Landing Marine Labs 5/3/13 (pdf)

Kinesiology 5/3/13 (pdf)

Chemistry 5/3/13 (pdf)

Anthropology 4/3/13 (pdf)

Nursing 3/6/13 (pdf)

Clinical Research Management 12/3/12 (pdf)


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