Fieldwork: 291 Series

Fieldwork: 291 Series (4 Units total) 


All students are required to complete the Fieldwork Course Series totaling 4 units:

Fieldwork Seminar

Guidance for the fieldwork practicum.  Emphasis is on preparation for fieldwork including (1) self-analysis of strengths, competencies, and professional development plans: (2) developing professional fieldwork objectives and (3) reviewing key concepts from health education core courses. 

 Fieldwork Practicum

Application of theory and skills in a health care organization, community, or worksite setting under the direction of a health education mentor.  Planning, developing, implementing and/or evaluating community health education programs or research.  Students complete 400 hours, full-time or part-time.

Fieldwork Synthesis

Critical reflection and synthesis of fieldwork experience, including lessons learned, organizational analysis, and professional self-assessment.

Campus student information about fieldwork can be found in the Campus Fieldwork Handbook (PDF) 

Distance student information about fieldwork can be found in the Distance Fieldwork Handbook (PDF)