Word Processing and Presentation Packages

Any program will work, as long as you can save your work in .doc or .docx formats. If using a presentation program other than PowerPoint (such as Keystone for Mac), you will need to be able to save your files in .ppt format for sharing. If using Office 2003 or previous versions we suggest upgrading to a later version. If you cannot upgrade, you will need to download the conversion packet to save to .doc or .docx. You can download this at

SPSS and Atlas.ti

These programs will be used in specific courses. Information will be provided to you on purchasing a low-cost license, or free downloads, if available. Note: SPSS and Atlas.ti only work on in Windows; Mac users will have to operate in PC mode for these activities. See your tech details on using Bootcamp, VMWare, or Parallels for more information on running PC mode on a Mac.

Adobe Creative Suite

As an SJSU student, you can download one free license for Adobe Creative Suite from the SJSU Bookstore. This is not required for your course work.

Backing Up

We strongly suggest backing up your important graduate school files on a daily basis; computer crashes are not excuses for late work. You may also want to consider a cloud-based alternative to complement your hard-drive back up (and for easy access away from your hard drive), such as Google Drive (free), or other fee-for-service systems such as Carbonite.

For questions or more information, please contact Robert Rinck (