Bachelor of Science in Recreation

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B.S. Recreation

The recreation degree program, founded in 1947, has a core accredited by the Council on Accreditation of Park, Recreation, and Tourism Related Professions (COAPRT). The degree has maintained continuous accreditation since its first awarding of this status occurred in April 1987. The recreation degree accrediting body is overseen and accredited by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA). The Council for Higher Education is sensitive and seeks to educate consumers when seeking a degree. They have posted on their web site links regarding degree mills.

All undergraduate students complete this well-rounded set of core courses. Graduates completing these concentrations are eligible to apply for national and state certification.

Graduates find employment with federal, state, county, and city recreation agencies/parks; college unions and student/campus activity centers; non-profit/volunteer agencies; armed forces; hospitals, rehabilitation centers, nursing facilities, schools; commercial, resort, camp and outdoor education recreation programs; theme parks and tourism enterprises; corporate training; and event planning/management.

The Bachelor's degree in Recreation is a nationally accredited program comprised of a core set of classes (38 units) and 23 units split generally between concentration courses and major electives.

While the general recreation degree is the most flexible in terms of choosing related electives, students may instead elect to complete a more specialized course of study in one of our two approved concentrations within the B.S. Recreation Degree. Further information about the concentrations in Recreation Management or Recreation Therapy can be found on the links below.

To get started, check in with our Recreation Faculty & Staff Directory for directions on who to contact to set up an appointment. Whether you are transferring from another SJSU program, another University, or you're just beginning your studies here at SJSU we will guide and assist you in achieving your goals.