Health Science Advising

I Am Currently a Health Science Major

If you are officially declared as a Health Science major, congratulations on making a choice that matters!  Your first stop for advising as a Health Science major is the HS peer advisors.  Please be certain that you have registered for the HS-USA listerv  with a current e-mail address.  The listserv will be a source of information about Faculty Advising Weeks and the HS Permission Code Survey, as well as the amazing events sponsored by Health Science undergraduate student organizations.

If you are currently a Health Science major, the most common advising services you will need to access are:

  • Selecting your Health Science Option or Concentration
  • Changing your Health Science Option or Concentration
  • Completing an academic plan (from your first HS course to graduation!)
  • Understanding the order of courses to complete the HS major core and concentration courses
  • Understanding the “C or better” rule
  • Identifying and understanding substitutions/articulations for HS preparation classes (HS001, HS015, HS067)
  • Completing Option 5 (B.S. in Health Science, Concentration in Health Professions)
  • Applying for graduation 


I Am Currently Undeclared or a Student in Another Major but Want to Apply to Health Science as a Major

If you are a current student at SJSU who is either undeclared, “assigned undeclared” or another major on campus, please note that like all majors on campus, Health Science is an impacted major.  In order to become a Health Science major, you must first submit an application.  Given the changing nature of the university and the California budget, the application process will change each semester.  Please be sure to check in with the Department of Health Science office at least once in the semester to make sure that you are on the list of people interested in applying to the major. 

If you wish to apply for the major, please do the following:

  1. Review the impaction criteria for Health Science.  Please note: While 2.6 is the minimum required SJSU cumulative GPA to apply for Health Science, students are ranked by their SJSU cumulative GPAs and admitted from the top down, beginning at 4.0 and continuing until all available slots are filled.
  2. Make an appointment with the CASA Student Academic Success Center to evaluate the likelihood that you will put forth a successful application and help you identify an alternate path to graduation if your academic performance makes it unlikely that you will be able to accepted to Health Science.
  3. Contact the Department of Health Science office to ensure that you are on the list of students interested in applying to the major.  
  4. Submit an application for consideration in the time period that applications are accepted.  For Spring 2013, applications will be accepted from December 3 through December 20, 2012.  Although applications are due before the end of the semester, your Fall 2012 grades will be considered when reviewing applications.

I Am a Newly Admitted SJSU Student, but Still Deciding on My Major

If you are a newly admitted student, please make sure to attend Admitted Spartans Day and the appropriate orientation program: freshman orientation for newly admitted freshman and the Transfer Orientation Program (the earlier the better!) for newly admitted transfer students.


I Have Not Yet Been Admitted to SJSU, but I Am Interested in Health Science

 If you are not yet a student at SJSU, please refer all questions to the Student Outreach and Recruitment (SOAR) Office.  They will help you with the pre-admissions process and even help you answer questions about how to complete the application process.  Please refer here for specific questions about Health Science major requirements or impaction. 


I Am a Student Who Has Been Disqualified and I Want to Be Reinstated to Health Science

 Students who have been disqualified may make an appointment with a Dr. Brian R. Grossman, Director of the Undergraduate Program in Health Science, to have their application for reinstatement reviewed.  However, in general, Health Science majors who are disqualified will not be reinstated to the major and encouraged to reapply to the university as undeclared.  Disqualified students will be prohibited from taking any of the ten (10) major core courses in Health Science without permission from the Director of the Undergraduate Program.  Students who have been disqualified for poor academic performance, are strongly encouraged to attempt to re-enroll in any courses for which they received a grade of C minus (C-) or below for grade forgiveness.

  Please refer here for specific questions about SJSU policies around academic probation and disqualification.  Students who have been placed on academic probation and disqualification, should consult with educational counseling services.