Document Review & Processing

Document Review

In addition to faculty advising services, the Undergraduate Program in Health Science offers a process through which routine paperwork can be reviewed by a faculty advisor.  This process is called document review. If you need signatures on the following forms, please submit them to the Department of Health Science Office (MacQuarrie Hall Room 407) for document review.

  1. Academic Renewal [pdf]
  2. Credit/No Credit/Audit Option [pdf]
  3. Graduation Date Change [pdf]
  4. Leave Request Form [pdf] (for planned educational leave)
  5. Petition to Enroll in Area R,S,V, and Z with Fewer than 60 Units [pdf]
  6. Retroactive Grade Forgiveness [pdf]
  7. Substitution Form [pdf] (only appropriate after you applied for graduation!)

Document Review Process

If you need to submit paperwork to be reviewed by an advisor, the Department of Health Science Office (MacQuarrie Hall Room 407) will provide you with a Topsheet to complete.   Please be sure to answer all of the questions on the Topsheet. 

 Also, please remember to include all of the supporting documentation, which will include at least your unofficial SJSU transcripts, your degree progress report with all of the tabs expanded, and whatever forms you need signed.  You may also need to include unofficial transcripts from other institutions that you have attended (if you have them) and a personal statement (if required by the form that you need signed).  Any forms that are submitted for document review must be complete; incomplete forms will not be reviewed.     

Submitting Work to Instructors via the HS Office

If you need to submit paperwork to your course instructor, the Health Science Office will accept the paperwork and stamp it with the time and date.  The paperwork will then be left for your course instructor in her or his mailbox.  The Department of Health Science will not accept any paperwork slipped under the office door. Papers submitted in this fashion will be shredded and recycled without being delivered.