Faculty Advising References


Faculty Advising Weeks

Each semester students will have access to faculty advisors during two Faculty Advising Weeks. Additionally, faculty advisors will be available to handle emergency advising issues.  The determination as to what constitutes an “emergency” will be left to the discretion of the faculty advisors. All students with situations that are not deemed emergencies will be directed to schedule an appointment during the next Faculty Advising Week.

The first Faculty Advising Week of the semester is always the first week of the semester. You will have the opportunity to sign up for these appointments at the mandatory HS Reunion (meeting).   The second Faculty Advising Week of the semester happens about eight weeks later (November in the fall, April in the spring semester).  Please watch the HS-USA listserv for dates and how to sign up for appointments for the second Faculty Advising Week of the semester.

 Priority for Faculty Advising Week appointments is given to:

  • students who are official (declared) Health Science majors
  • students who have completed 90 units overall (and 18 units in Health Science)
  • students who anticipate graduating in the next two semesters

Faculty Advising Services

If you need any of the following advising services, you must meet with a faculty advisor.  If you need these services, please plan ahead and expect to make an appointment during one of the Faculty Advising Weeks:

  1. To review and sign Application for Graduation [pdf] and official HS major forms.
  2. To review Withdrawal from Semester Request [pdf] forms.
  3. To review Reinstatement Petitions [pdf] for those currently enrolled in Open University after being disqualified. 
  4. To review and sign “U” Hold [pdf] financial aid forms.

Preparing to Meet with Faculty Advisors

Faculty advisors want you to succeed and will advocate on your behalf.  However, you must arrive at your advising appointment on time and well prepared.  Students who arrive late or without the appropriate paperwork may miss the opportunity to meet with a faculty advisor (until the next Faculty Advising Week).

Showing up prepared means that you must bring printed copies of the following documents. Please print all documents within 24 hours of your appointment

  1. HS Major Form– only available through the black kiosk outside of MacQuarrie Hall 407.
  2. Academic plan
  3. Unofficial SJSU transcripts*
  4. Unofficial transcripts for any other colleges/universities you attended
  5. Academic requirements (formerly degree progress) report* from MySJSU with all tabs expanded
  6. Personal statement (if requested on the form) 
  7. Any other forms related to your academic situation (for example, if option 5 you will need a copy of your professional licensure, etc.)           

* - Please make sure that these documents are current and include the last semesters for which you received grades.