Substitutions & Articulations

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For the three lower-division preparation courses for the B.S. in Health Science (HS001, HS015, and HS067), there are a number of courses from California community colleges that are articulated to help transfer students transition into the major.  Additionally, there are some courses on campus at SJSU that are acceptable substitutions for those students who began their time at SJSU with another major on campus.

How do I check if a course is articulated?

To check if a course is officially articulated please go first to SJSU Articulation and next to  Please follow the instructions there to see if a course is articulated from the institution where you took it to our department at SJSU. 

What is the minimum acceptable grade for an articulated course?

Please note: If you received below a C in any course that you wish to have substituted or articulated, you should plan on taking the course (again!) here at SJSU.  We expect our students to produce quality work and a grade lower than a C does not illustrate quality work.

What courses in the HS major are currently articulated?

Please move links for HS 001, HS 015, and HS 067 under this question on main substitution/articulation page

What about upper-division courses (taken at another four year institution)?

For the undergraduate program in Health Science, there are no courses that are articulated for upper-division courses.  If you are transferring into Health Science from another four-year institution, you will need to contact a faculty advisor to have the course in question reviewed as a potential substitution.