Certificate in Applied Social Gerontology and Minor


Gerontology Certificate and Minor Requirements

 The Certificate in Applied Social Gerontology is available only to students who are currently matriculated in a graduate level program at SJSU.  Two programs in the College of Applied Sciences and Arts (CASA) have worked in partnership with the Gerontology program to develop specific requirements for the completion of the Certificate in Applied Social Gerontology:

M.S.W. Program (School of Social Work)

M.S. in Gerontological Nutrition – See page 20 (Nutrition, Food Science, and Packaging)

 Gerontology Minor

 The minor in Gerontology is open to students in all majors.  To complete Health Science students who wish to complete a Gerontology minor, should declare their major as: B.S. in Health Science with a Concentration in Gerontology (Option 3)

The minor in Gerontology is a five-course (15 unit) introduction to the social, demographic, economic, health, and policy perspectives on aging.  Students who select this minor are required to complete GERO/HS 107 (Aging and Society), GERO/HS 108 (Health in Later Life), GERO/HS 117 (Social Policies and Services in Aging), 120 hours of fieldwork, and one elective from an approved list of Gerontology electives.  The minor in Gerontology is appropriate for students from any major who wish to learn more about aging, health, and social policy in California and the U.S.