B.S. Health Science


 B.S. in Health Science, Interdisciplinary Pathways in Health Science

Students who select the B.S. in Health Science are required to complete the Health Science core coursesGERO 107(Aging and Society), and an additional six upper-division elective courses that highlight the interdisciplinarity and broad scope of practice in health-related fields.  this choice is for those students who are interested in learning more about multidisciplinary approaches to health throughout the country and world, working to promote community wellness, increase access to healthcare, and improve healthcare outcomes for all and especially those in marginalized communities.  This choice gives students the flexibility to pursue an interdisciplinary health-related topic in depth by taking advantage of course offerings throughout the University. This choice can also provide students the flexibility to explore a variety of topics. This choice is a popular choice for those coming Health Science from another health-related major because previous coursework may already be listed as one of the approved electives.