Apply for Conditional Admission

Conditional admission applications are accepted year-round. There is no deadline and students can apply for conditional admission anytime.

  1. Fill out the Conditional Admission Application online:
    Students are required to create an account to begin the application. For questions about the online application, visit the application tutorial (pdf).

  2. Mail the following official documents to International Gateways:

    • Official Transcripts
    • Official Graduation Certificate or Letter Stating Expected Graduation Date
    Please note that to be considered official, transcripts, certificates, and letters must be stamped on each page and sealed in a stamped envelope by the issuing institution or government agency. Academic records that are not stamped, or that are not sealed in a stamped envelope, will not be accepted by our admissions office for evaluation. SJSU requires academic records in the original language and English. The English translations must be from the issuing institution or government office only; translations from notaries, agents, or professional translators will not be accepted.