An interdepartmental program, Jewish Studies complements wide range of academic majors in the humanities and the sciences, empowering students of all backgrounds and professional goals with critical thinking and writing within and across disciplines.

The rich and diverse content of the Jewish experience, perpetuating shared memories, values, and traditions, through literature, music, and the arts, underscores the complex nature of the universal human condition. 

In methodology, it complicates the common categorical distinctions we are accustomed to make of the sacred & profane, secular & religious, home & homelessness, class & classlessness, time & timelessness, power & powerlessness, mind & matter, race & nation, history & memory, culture & ethnicity, national & international, multiculturalism & pluralism, white & black, us & them.


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Ignat (Shimshon) Ayzenberg

Program Coordinator

udley Moorhead Hall,141
MTWTh, 9am-12pm
or by appointment

On October 10, 2018, we had the pleasure of Dr. Nava Ben Zvi visiting our campus, here is the video of our conversation.

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A Brief Statement on

Freedom of Expression

Since, recently, certain individuals on college campuses have made grave threats with regard to "Zionism" in the abstract, the SJSU Program of Jewish Studies does not discriminate on the subject of Zionism, non-Zionism, neo-Zionism, post-Zionism, or anti-Zionism. We welcome the opinions that encourage conversation, no matter how disagreeable, from any standpoint, creed, or ideology. See, University of Chicago's Statement on Principles of Free Expression (2015).

As an academic program, we seek to stimulate open and unprejudiced conversation on Israel: its birth, its growth, its future. 

























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