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      Jewish Studies is an inter-departmental program that complements a wide range of academic majors in the humanities and the sciences, empowering students of all backgrounds and professional goals with critical thinking and writing within and across disciplines.                       


       The rich and diverse content of the Jewish experience underscores the complex nature of the universal human condition encompassing the sacred & profane, secular & religious, home & homelessness, class & classlessness, time & timelessness, power & powerlessness, race & ethnicity, history & memory, culture & economy, nationality & internationality, particularity & universality.


The Minor in Jewish Studies prepares students for teaching, administrative, social work, and management or business careers, and graduate education in history, international relations, library science, religious studies, philosophy, economics, business, diplomacy, art, human resources, or law.

As an academic discipline, Jewish Studies always strives for diversity. Our most recent graduates came from the Bay Area, Los Angeles, New York, Lakewood (NJ, USA), Jeddah (Saudi Arabia), Singapore, Cologne (Germany), or Renana (Israel).

Dudley Moorhead Hall, 141
MTWTh, 9am-12pm